Mrs. White's Campers

First Grade

This week's News:

The past couple weeks have been a challenging time for our community! If you have been impacted or your child is having a difficult time, please let me know. Please check for updates from Mrs. Verblaauw for changes and updates as a result of the storm!

This week your child will begin having another homework assignment. Your child will be bringing home a Read Naturally passage or a Rabbit Reader book! Please see below for more information.

Read Naturally- It will come home in the front sleeve of their homework folder. Please listen to your child read this passage each night. I will listen to the passage weekly, celebrate the increase in fluency, and assign your student a new passage.

Rabbit Reader- Your child will be bringing home Reader Rabbit books. It will come home in the front sleeve of their homework folder. Please listen to your child read this book each night, and return it in the sleeve the following day.

AR Expectations

*Please see your child's goal sheet found in their red folder. In order to reach that goal, they will need to score an 80% or better on each quiz and test on at least two books per week. In addition, there is a school wide goal for reaching 75 points by the end of the year in order to receive a trophy.Your child should read their book 3 times prior to testing. First time for accuracy, second for fluency (smooth reading), third time to understand. Ask your child questions like.. "Who are the characters? What happened?" while reading to ensure understanding.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me through a Dojo Message or email


​​*Please be sure to wear sneakers everyday.

*Send water bottle daily. It is hot at PE and Recess time. Students are allowed to drink throughout the day!

*Snack- We have a late afternoon snack. Please send a healthy snack if you would like your child to have a snack during that time.

Planning Ahead

September 28th - Family Math Night

September 29th- Otis Spunkmeyer Catalog Fundraiser Due

October 2nd- Picture Day

October 11th - Interim Report Day

October 13th- Fall Festival

October 16th- Conference Week

October 23rd- Red Ribbon Week

October 25th- Report Cards

Weekly Skills- Week of September 25, 2017


*Use pictures to show taking from

*Use strategies take away and take apart to subtract

Science/Social Studies:

*Rules and School Community- citizens, responsibilities


English Language Arts:

*Phonics: short a, i, sh

*Reading: Main Idea and Details

*Writing: Write a complete sentence on a topic with Capitals, punctuation, spacing.

Accelerated Reader:

*Read nightly 15-20 minutes

*Quiz Expectations- see goal sheet

What's in the Red Take Home Folder?

Take Home folder consists of:

*Keep at Home pocket-please review work and empty every night

*Return to School- These papers need to be signed/looked over and returned the following day

*Dojo Points- students will color points each day. Once they reach a monster, they earn a coupon to use in the classroom.

*Fluency Practice Page - Read this page two times each night, Mon- Thurs. I will be reading with your child every Monday and Friday and we will be recording the number of words they read for one minute. We hope to see an increase between the two days and over the course of the week.

*Homework Helper Page- quick reviews of Math and Reading help

*Student ID log-in sheet- this sheet provides your child's login information. Please review this sheet to learn how you can access important websites for learning, your child's grades and AR Home Connection which allows you to keep track of your child AR reading.

Lunch and Specials

9:55-10:35 Specials PE (Day 1, 2, 3, 4) Stem (5A) Music (5B)

11:29-11:54 Lunch

11:54-12:14 Recess

We Collect Box Tops!

They are very helpful in getting ​supplies in the classroom. Please be careful to NOT cut off the date. I have attached a picture below so you know what to look for!