Hemophilia Presention

By Lance and Kevin

Definition and where on the body.

Hemophilia: is a rare disorder when your blood does not clot normally.

It can affect anywhere on the body where there is a cut or a cut in your body.

It can happen anywhere on or in the body.

Symptoms of Hemophilia


  • Unexplained and excessive bleeding from cuts and injuries, or after surgery or dental work
  • Many large or deep bruises
  • Blood in urine or stool
  • Nosebleeds without a known cause
  • Repeated vomiting
(these are some of them)
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Cause of this disorder

There are different types of Hemophilia Hemophilia A, Hemophilia B, and Hemophilia C.

Hemophilia A and B are cause by a mutation in your genes. Hemophilia is not nondisjunction. Hemophilia is sex-linked. Men get Hemophilia more than women because it always comes from the x chromosome and women are mainly just carriers. It is recessive.

Medications, Gene therapy, and Prognosis

There is no cure for Hemophilia. People with Hemophilia can lead fairly normal life. Therapies depend on what type of Hemophilia. The medication is antifibrinolytics and you can also have Physical therapy. Currently today males with Hemophilia have half the life span then healthy males.

Tests and Diagnosed

Here are some tests.

  • Direct mutation test
  • Prenatal testing
If are lacking protein in specific factors you might have Hemophilia.

Most Common

There are three types of Hemophilia A, B, and C.

C only occurs in Europe only.

Hemophilia is also mostly common in males.

1 in 4000 males to 1 to 5000 males get Hemophilia.