Self Assessment - Part 2

Connect to Criteria Activities

Minds on: Activating Prior Knowledge

Ask the teachers if they have reflections/observations to share with the Primary Division about how the using of self evaluation went. ( Assignment from last Primary Meeting).

Action: Report Card Writing Time and using Success Criteria

It is report card writing time. Ask teachers if they would be willing to try out a self assessment using the criteria we made in October, which pertained to "what do you need to do to have good student skills". Provide teachers with a page made up using Anne Davies Met/Not Met chart (Davies, 2000, p.31) and listing their success criteria we co-constructed in October.

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(Davies, 2000, p.31)


Talk to our group about why it is important for students to be looking at success criteria. Discuss with the group, when might be good times to give your students this self assessment.


1. Davies, Anne et al. Self-Assessment and Goal-Setting. Courtenay, B.C. : Connections Publishing, 2000.

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