A mosquito disease.

Malaria vs. Ebola (compare and contrast)

Malaria is a serious and sometimes a very bad disease. Caused by a parasite that infects a certain type of mosquito, which feeds in humans blood. Although malaria can be deadly, illness and deaths can usually be prevented. On the other case, Ebola is also a serious and deadly disease but is not caused by a mosquito, it is caused by wild monkeys and bats.
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The symptoms of malaria. (description)

Malaria has many symptoms. The symptoms can be very painful. Some symptoms are, shaking chills that are moderate to severe, high fever, profuse sweating, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, anemia, muscle pain, convulsions, coma ,and bloody stools
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Vaccine for malaria (cause and effect)

There is a vaccine for malaria called antibiotics : Doxycycline (Vibramycin), Clindamycin by mouth or by injection (Cleocin). If people don't get the vaccine then they will get the infection of malaria. so it is better to be cautious and get the vaccine.

Malaria for sure ! (question and answer)

Do i have malaria? Most people, at the beginning of the disease have the symptoms that a malaria person would have. Malaria can be a fast spreading and a life threatening disease . The surest way for you and your health-care provider to know whether you have malaria or not is to have a diagnostic test where a drop of you blood is examine under a microscope to see if there's still the presence of malaria parasites.

Permanent (question and answer)

Is malaria permanent ? No, not necessarily. Malaria can be treated If you use use the right vaccines the disease could go away and the parasites could be cleared. However, the disease can continue if its not cured, or prevented with the wrong vaccines. Some drugs are not effective because the parasite is resistant to them.

Most common (description)

In Africa south of the Sahara, the principal malaria mosquito, Anopheles gambiae, transmits malaria very efficiently. The type of malaria parasite most often found, Plasmodium falciparum, causes severe , fatal disease.

The problem with malaria (problem and solution)

The problem is that where malaria is most common in the people don't have enough money to get the vaccine , so they could get malaria easily. The solution is that i could raise money to send to Africa which is the most common place where malaria happens the most or i could help the people lower the price for the vaccine that way more people can get the vaccine and wont get infected.
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Symptoms of malaria( sequence of events)

So malaria starts of with the small symptoms like chills and sweating dry coughs and fever and it could end up with high fever and nausea and vomiting.The symptoms go to normal to not normal
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