Buckingham Brief

September 7, 2018

A look ahead...

September 17 - Back-to-School Night, 1st and 2nd grades-6:00;

Mr. Estep presents, 7:00; 3rd grade-7:15

September 20 - Back-to-School Night, 4th and 5th grades-6:00;

Mr. Estep presents, 7:00; 6th grade-7:15

September 24-28 - Fall Book Fair (Family nights: Monday, 9/24; Tuesday, 9/25)

September 26 - PTO General meeting, a parents welcome

Week One: Muggy But Maginificent

It's been a fantastic start to the first week of school at Buckingham! Kids' smiling faces were everywhere. Staff were enthusiastic and ready to get a new year of learning underway. Though the weather was a bit stuffy, spirits were high and students were getting acclimated to new classmates, teachers, procedures, and all the things that shape a classroom into a community. As the new principal at Buckingham, I want to say THANK YOU to all who have given me such a warm greeting. You have been incredibly welcoming. I very much look forward to meeting many more families in the weeks and months ahead. - Dan Estep

Kindergarten parents attending the first Back-to-School Night last Wednesday

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New at Buckingham this year, and at all other CB schools, is the latest in our security measures. It is known as SCHOOL GATE GUARDIAN. This is the new procedure that allows CB to make sure individuals who enter our buildings are safe to be in our schools. In a nutshell, here is the procedure:

-- What happens when a visitor first arrives?

o All visitors should state their name and purpose of visit at the outside buzzer/camera. This includes any delivery services.

o Office Staff will buzz each visitor, individually, into vestibule.

o For drop-off of materials, lunches, musical instrument, etc. parents will leave items in vestibule and leave building.

-- What happens when a visitor enters the vestibule?

o Visitor should proceed to office door, wait for buzzer then enter.

-- What happens when a visitor enters the office?

o Visitor will proceed to receptionist.

o For pick-ups, visitor will remain in the office. Office follows standard pick-up procedure which includes showing ID.

o For entry into the building, visitors will provide government issued ID (driver's license) and, receptionist will scan into SGG system and note location and purpose of visit, then print the badge.

o Visitor must display the badge on clothing while in building.

This is part of a greater effort by CB to keep our schools safe. Please contact the office with any questions. Thank you for your support.