Building a {Site}

create a Google Site

1. Find Sites on google Apps

We will create a Google Site- to tell about ourselves and host our portfolio.

  • You will be adding ALL assignments and projects to your portfolio page throughout the year.
  • Google Saves for you
  • Your site will be saved and add to your GDrive

2. {Theme} Tab

3. {Pages}

4. {insert} Tab

What you need.......

5. Personalize

  • Change all headers and words to fit you and your personality-
  • Make sure everything is school appropriate
  • Do not leave any text that says "type here" etc.
  • Every page needs to be edited


6. Setting Domain Name- (clicking publish for the first time)

Share Your link:

Publish- and get link

  • use the "publish" button to send your site out into the WWW.
  • Use the Link icon to get your share link- turn in this share link!
Big picture

Adding New Info

  • add new materials- pictures- new things to your portfolio
  • update your website on a regular basis


click "publish"

check your "currently published" vs. " draft"

(draft will be the new)

if it looks good- click 'publish' this will send the new version out into the WWW.

Big picture