Prescription Drug Advertising

Rules & Regulations

By~Meghan Moore

Advertising Requirements

The pharmaceutical companies are required by the FDA to advertise for the following:

  • Product Claim Advertisements
  • Reminder Advertisements
  • Help-Seeking Advertisements
  • Other Product Claim Promotional Materials
  • Risk Disclosure
  • Recalls
  • Anti-Tampering

Effectiveness of these Advertisements

The FDA has been promoting safe and effective advertisements for over 100 years .Drugs must go through an diligent evaluation of safety, quality, and effectiveness before they can be administered. In 1966, a Fair Packaging and Labeling Act was established. It stated that all labels are to be honest and informative on food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, etc. The labels must include, effects of the drug, side effects, who the drug should be consumed by, and when the drug should be taken. In conclusion, I believe these advertisements are very effective.

Warning Letters

The FDA issues warning letters in drug marketing, tobacco retailing