Veronica Corcilius

Costa Rica

Getting There

Imagine, going to heaven without dieing. Costa Rica Is heaven. With Beautiful sites and beyond gorgeous waterfalls. You will go head over heels for the views of Central Pacific. Costa Rica is the most lovely, luxious place on earth you can go.

I'm going to get to Costa Rica by, United Airlines. I will go to Costa Rica on the 1st of August and leave the 8th. It cost around $2,500 per person, so for two people it will cost around 5,000 dollars for each.

Where to Stay

Riu Gaunacaste, is the perfect hotel you could stay at in Costa Rica! They are absouletly 100% willing to help you, No matter how far you are coming from. They suggest helpful places to have fun and enjoy your time in Costa Rica. For two people to stay at thier luxious hotel for 8 days come to a total of $1,864.00.

About Riu Gaunacaste: Riu Gaunancaste hotel is a 5-star resort that is located on the seafront of the exdordinarly beautiful region of Guanacaste on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. For more information about this glorious hotel go to


The activities in Costa Rica are exdordinary. Zip Lining, Taking hour tours in rain forest with extremly nice people, Butterfly Pravillions with Butterflies you will never see here, and walking align the Pacific Coast of Cost Rica. There are lots more fun and interesting things to do in Costa Rica. Go to for a better experience in Costa Rica.

History and Culture

The History and Culture in Costa Rica dates all the way back to Semptember 18, 1502, when Christopher Columbus was experiencing his last voyage of the new world. The Culture of Costa Rica is very unique and interesting. Which is another reason why you should visit. The unique and also very odd culture will have you eating out of Costa Ricas hands.


The only problems I would probably face in Costa Rica would be the money differences. My solutions for this problem is to make sure I dont spend a bunch of money so I have some left over. My other problem is if we miss our flights to and from Costa Rica, and how I would be able to fix this.


In Conclusion, Costa Rica is the perfect place for anyone to go on vacation. Its very unique and a fun culture. Costa Rica has a very interesing history and I reccomend for anyone to go to Costa Rica for vacation. You will be sure to have a wonderful time in this heaven like paradise.

About the Traveler

My name is Veronica, and I have decided to go to Costa Rica. I have decided to go to Costa Rica because its luxious land. I lwould like to travel to other places.