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~ Hawley School Newsletter: September 3, 2018 ~

From the Desk of Mr. Moretti

Dear Hawley Parents/Guardians,

We opened our doors to 311 smiling faces. It was a terrific week full of laughs and fun, seeing old friends and making new ones. Time was spent establishing new dynamics and setting up new classroom environments. We practiced 2 Emergency Drills and despite the warm temperatures, learning took place. I want to commend and thank the staff and students for their perseverance and lack of complaining- they all rose to the occasion making lemonade out of lemons......oh......lemonade...Mmmmm!

This week brings more heat, a few more drills, more learning and some rescheduling of events;

Here's What's Happening at Hawley.......

Opening Day!

Open Houses (Re-Scheduled)

Due to the heat and Early Dismissal, we are re-scheduling our Open Houses. There will be NO Open Houses this week (9/4 and 9/5). They have been MOVED to Monday, 9/17 and Thursday, 9/20. We have some availability conflicts that we are working out and I will let you know shortly what grades, and perhaps even which classes, are on which days.

Your understanding and support of the change of dates is appreciated. We just want our evening together to be comfortable and enjoyable for all.

Getting to Know Our New Classmates & Classrooms

Heat Reminders

The heat is expected to return this week. Here are some reminders related to high temperatures:

  • TOMORROW, Tuesday, 9/4/18, is a 3 Hour Early Dismissal. We will be dismissing at 12:37 PM. Students will have lunch (they can bring or purchase). Please be at bus stops in the afternoon to avoid students being returned to school on hot buses. Make sure you send in a note if there are any changes to an established going home procedure and that your child knows the change.
  • The are many locations in our building that DO have Air Conditioning. Classrooms buddy up and rotate through these areas throughout the day.
  • You may send in water bottles with students.
  • On full days with high heat indexes, we do have indoor recess to avoid overheating.

If you have any questions about the handling of these types of days, please feel free to contact me.

Bus / Arrival / Dismissal Information

Although this information has been shared a few times already, I share again as it is still helpful to those that are new or that may have not thought they needed it before but now do.

  • Bus routes are still being tweaked. Give buses extra time in the morning and the afternoon (be early / stay late at stops).
  • No student is dropped off or picked up (during arrival and dismissal times) using the main entrance. Click HERE for drop-off and pick-up locations and procedures.
  • Elementary students can not be dropped off in the afternoon by a bus at a stop without an adult present unless a waiver is signed for the bus company. Without an adult or a waiver, students are returned to school to be picked up (this does upset and worry students). You can get a waiver on our website or by clicking HERE.
  • Students being picked-up after school need a note. Permanent notes can be written (example: picked up everyday, every Tuesday). Even if a note was written last year, we need an updated one for this school year. Without a pick-up note, students are put on the bus.
  • Students needing to ride a different bus for emergency daycare purposes: With the Reed and elementary students now riding together, there are very few extra seats. In the event you need your child to ride a different bus then YOU MUST FIRST call the bus company to see if there is room. The bus company will approve and then notify the school. We will in turn notify the teacher and student of the change.
  • If a student is walking home, a waiver must be filled out and sent into school. Reed students send waivers to Reed and Hawley students send waivers to Hawley. Waivers are available on our website or by clicking HERE.
  • If a student is met at the end of the day by an adult, even if walking home, they are considered a pick-up therefore following pick-up procedures and locations.

Please make sure that you and your child are on the same page and that the school has the correct information. Students will go home based on information we have from a parent in writing (not by student word of mouth). Changes always occur and we understand that but the earlier we are made aware of them, the more comforting to your child. Always contact the main office with changes.

A Little Movement ;0)

Emergency Drills

As I stated in a previous newsletter, we will be practicing many Emergency Drills throughout the year. We also will be practicing EVERY type of drill the first few weeks of school.

We had a Fire Drill and a Safe School Mode Drill last week and they both went smoothly.

I will speak to our safety procedures and to our different types of drills at an upcoming PTA Meeting.

1st Grade Fun Buckets: Creativity, Communication and Teamwork, Oh My!

Grade 3 Rescue & Teamwork Activity

All of grade 3 performed a fun, team-building activity. They needed to cross a river (our blacktop play area) in rafts (cardboard boxes). They needed to cross as a team, stay out of the water, while continuously passing an object to each member. Oh, and they could not talk. It was a joy to see the problem-solving, perseverance and creativity emerge.

Dates to Remember

Tues, Sept 4: EMERGENCY EARLY DISMISSAL (heat), 12:37 PM
Mon, Sept 10: NO SCHOOL (Rosh Hashanah)
Wed, Sept 12: Picture Day! ;0)
Wed, Sept 12: PTA Ice Cream Social, 6:00-7:00 pm

Mon, Sept 17: Open House (TBD), 6:30-8:00 pm
Wed, Sept 19: NO SCHOOL (Yom Kippur)

Thurs, Sept 20: Open House (TBD), 6:30-8:00 pm

Out of the mouths of babes.....

"You are not wearing a funny tie today Mr. Moretti" says student 1

"and yesterday either" exclaims student 2

Mr. M shares, "Well, it is hot and I am wearing a short sleeve shirt."

"So?" asks student 3

"These are golf shirts and you don't wear ties with them. " Mr. M respond
Others joined in...

"I don't like it"

"Me either"

"It's weird"

"No, It's WRONG!"

"I need to see your ties every day!!"

"I'll bring one of my dad's tomorrow."

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