Romeo external conflicts

Son of the Montagues


People should not judge others by their families. When Romeo and Juliet saw each other they instantly fell in love. Even when they found out that they were supposed to be enemies, they didn't care. Juliet even said that she would no longer be a Capulet if that means she gets to be with her Romeo. They loved each other so much they risked there lives to save there love. No matter about who there families were, they would always love each other. But on the other hand, if there families didn't have such a strong hatred for each other, they wouldn't have to worry about being in love with the enemy and having to keep there love a secret.

Summative Project:

Act 1, Scene 5 "His name is Romeo, and a Montague, the only son of your great only love is sprung from my only hate" (1018 lines: 150-155)

The nurse is talking to Juliet, explaining that Romeo is the only enemy of her family. Romeo and Juliet are sworn enemies, there love is forbidden, but its not their fault that their families are enemies, it has nothing to do with them. A relation to this would be from the movie Gnomeo and Juliet because, Juliet and Gnomeo fall in love but their families are enemies, and that would allow them to ever see each other. Like Romeo and Juliet they have to secretly see each otherat a local garden, but they got caught and it almost causes death to both Gnomeo and Juliet.

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Act 2, Scene 2 "Deny thy father a refuse thy name...but be sworn my love, and ill no longer be a Capulet. " (1023 lines 35-35) Juliet is sitting on her balcony talking about Romeo and saying she doesn't care about being a Capulet, and she doesn't care hes a Montague. She loves Romeo, and if he loves her she will no longer be a Capulet. A relation to this would be The Notebook because, Noah and Allie are two totally different kind of people. Allie is very wealthy and has a lot going for her, and Noah, is very poor, but has a lot of life to live and he intends on living it as it comes time and not plan everything out. Allies parents rally don't like Allie with a boy like Noah, but they are so deeply in love there is no way that they could ever be separated. One day after a big fight Noah and Allie had, Allies parents decide d to go home a day early to there house back in Georgia because, Allies parents don't want Allie around Noah anymore. So like in Romeo and Juliet, the parents don't want them around there son or daughter because, the parents do not like the family, or in this case the Noah.
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Act 2, scene 3 "Then plainly know my hearts dear love is set on the fair daughter of the rich Capulet..." (1030 lines 65-65) Romeo is speaking to Friar L. because, he want Friar to marry Romeo and Juliet. Romeo knows that Juliet is a Capulet, and he would never dream of falling in love with one of his natural born enemies.But all that changed when he saw her, kissed her, was in her presence, he fell in love. They didn't think about feuds, rivalry, enemies, love is more powerful then all of that. They both put all the hate between the families, because of the love they shared and they wanted to spend there lives together. Kind of like in the movie the Titanic. Rose was a typical rich women. She had a very good life. Lots of money, a wealthy fiance, rich parenting. She had her whole life planned out. But Jack, was nothing like that. He was very poor, no idea where he was going, what he would do, what life had in store for him. but he didn't care. When Rose and Jack first met there was instantly a bond between the two of them. But as the trip on the boat went on, Rose's parents started getting worried because, she was spending an awful amount of time with Jack. And because, he was not rich and didn't have his life together they didn't want that to happen. Later in the movie, and book they start having strong feeling for each other, and her parents realize that, and they end up doing all they can to make sure they don't see each other. In the end they end up loosing more then thought they would. Rose and Jack risked everything for their love, as did Romeo and Juliet.
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Act 4, scene 1 "take tho this vial, being then in bed, and this distilled liquor drink tho off..." (1075 lines 105-105) Romeo and Juliet have a forbidden love because, of their family, they have to do everything in secret which makes it very risky. They end up putting there lives, love, and happiness in danger. All because, of their families, and there hatred for each other. Like in Dear John Savannah and John, the two of them have such a strong love for each other they would do anything for each other, but something went wrong, when John went back to the Army he was gone for a very long time and he came back to find his whole world changed, his dad was dying, and Savannah had remarried. He was devastated, but there was a reason she did what she did. But as soon as she saw John again, she couldn't bare it because she loved him so much, and cared about him so much, she couldn't help but to run crying into his arms.
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In the end, all that matter was the love of Romeo and Juliet. You should judge others by the families that they came from. Like these two lovers did. They didn't care who they were, what families they came from, or where they were from. That is what made there love so strong. There love was like no other. They were brave, young, beautiful souls that died for love. No one can ever measure to the love they had and the struggles they had to go through to keep that love alive.