John Locke

By David Starnes


* he was born in Wrington somersetshire 29, august 1632

* died October 28,1701

* life span 72 years


* Oxford

* weatminaster school 1646-52

* completed a philosophical education

* also studied medicine


Anglican- a protastant who is a follower of anglicanism.

wow fact

* One of the most inspiring people in the 17th century

belief in goverment

* John locke believed that all men are created equal and they should have rights to have liberty independance.

* john locke said that no one person should have absolute power but to have a group of people with power.

known for

* John locke is known for being one of the most influential enlightenment thinker.

* or father of classical liberalism

john lockes book

two treaties of goverment

lockes quotes

Hobbes vs. Locke
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