Math Department 3rd-5th Grade

Week 30 News/Updates "NO ANET 4" TEACH2MASTERY

As a Department and a UNITED TEAM our THEME for the next 5 Weeks is "TEACH2MASTERY" with concrete evidence of learning!

This won't be easy. As with everything you have done this year it will take your commitment and will to win! You can do this!

Essentially, students are continuously presented with opportunities to learn, master, and show mastery of a skill. There is a clear cycle of teach-practice-assess, teach-practice-assess, until the student shows mastery multiple times independent of support from the teacher. Don't be afraid to mix up your small groups daily if needed or pull students during the do now to for a quick targeted one on one reteach. Be creative!

Push yourself to find creative ways and opportunities to "Teach2Mastery" daily! Let the hard and tangible data speak for itself. If students can't perform at mastery on paper independent of support from you, then they have not yet mastered the skill!

Immediate Action: Lesson Plans for Week 30 March 23rd- March 27th Currently Due!!!

Be Strategic with Homework This Week:

  • All students are not made the same, so all students should not receive the same homework.
  • To maximize your students chances of improving this week, send home leveled homework packets.
  • Use the most recent data you have to customize homework packets for individuals or groups of students.
  • DO NOT send home skills that students have not yet mastered! It frustrates the student and confuses them even more.
  • Send home skills students have nearly mastered and skills students have mastered (but at a more difficult level).
  • Be creative with your homework incentive for the next 5 weeks.

TCAP Probe #7 and other Weekly Assessment Data Debriefs

Be prepared to talk through high points and trending low points with your coach or school leader this week. Focus on your plan for addressing errors on your part and/or the students part. Have a clearly integrated reteaching or spiral review plan that addresses targeted skills before the Mock next week.

FINAL MOCK TCAP Practice Tests for Math are Next Week Tuesday or Wednesday. Confirm which day with your principal. Start covering your walls and getting ready this week. Print bubble sheets and test booklets early to avoid set backs. Count calculators and make sure you have enough for every student.

Shout Outs Will Resume This Week!