Personalized Learning

Volume 2, Issue 1: April 15, 2016....and May 4, 2016

In a Nutshell . . .

April 15, 2016:

Today's focus for the Personalized Learning Design Team revolved

around tightening up our ideas into a manageable workload.

Note: I was sick with a nasty stomach bug the following Monday/Tuesday and forgot

to send this newsletter out to the staff.

My apologies!

May 4, 2016:

Today's focus for the Personalized Learning Design Team is to finalize the "prototyping" document for the county-wide Design Day 2 presentation.

We also developed a plan for general knowledge building of goal-setting competencies for the faculty.

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Year One Projected Outcomes

Some of the main points decided upon for Year One were:

  1. All students will set personalized learning goals that they update and reflect on week to week.
  2. All teachers will set personalized learning goals (at least one of the goals needs to attend to the PL tenets) that they update and reflect on month to month.
  3. All staff will have an opportunity to participate in PBL training - all staff will be trained by the end of Year Two.
  4. An opportunity will be provided for those teachers wishing to participate in mindfulness training.
  5. Investigate options for revising the master/bell schedule to meet the overall mission and vision. Convene a focus group for this work.
  6. Investigate model schools that have implemented restorative justice as a framework for discipline in their schools. Perhaps a pilot inside a team or individual classrooms to try out the process.
  7. Discuss the role of focus groups and a possible rethink of the different focus groups to attend to PL tenets.
  8. Investigate the role of a transition meeting to attend to the personalized progress that a student has made as they move back to their home school placement
Personalized Learning

Be sure to visit HCS personalized learning page -- LOTS of good information on the PL tenets.

Henry County Schools

Design Day 2

Thursday, May 12th, 8am-4pm

Sharon Baptist Church

Design Day 2 is our next county-wide meeting with our cohort schools.
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