Daily Perseverance in Others

By Matt Appel

What Perseverance is About

Many people are forced to persevere at some point in time. Perseverance is when you overcome some sort of adversity in your life. It is important to learn about these people to understand what perseverance really is and how we can identify it in our own lives.

Francisco Bucio and Tom Monaghan (Compare and Contrast)

These two people’s lives are very similar and very different. They both had dreams to follow their career choice, but falter upon various adversities. Francisco wanted to be a surgeon, but Tom wanted to start a pizza franchise called Dominoes. Both of them were forced to put their careers on hold and to be resilient, but for different reasons. Francisco was working in Mexico City when and Earthquake happened. The text said that he started on the fifth floor and ended up on the bottom floor covered in rubble. He was trapped there for two days with his right hand trapped under a strong metal pole. When rescue crews finally reached him his right hand was crushed, and had to get 4 out of his 5 fingers amputated, nearly crushing his dreams. He had a toe transplant to move two of his toes up to his right hand. At first it was hard to control but he eventually made the best of his opportunities and went back to work. In the story it stated that he moved a piece of cartilage from a patient’s chest up to his broken nose. It usually takes another surgeon about 10 minutes, but it took Francisco and hour. It was an hour of triumph. On the other hand Tom was faced with bankruptcy. His pizzeria was in Michigan, was right next to Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan. During school business was great, but when school got out, business dropped about 75%. Also Tom wanted to stay in school to get the education he needed, but as an owner, he was forced to drop out and work full time. But eventually, with more experience Tom was eventually able to wisely expand at more opportune times and create a successful business in the pizza world. Although they both had their differences, they both triumphed in the end.

415 Strong (Cause and Effect)

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Eleanor Roosevelt's Adversities (Problem Solution)

Eleanor Roosevelt had many adversities in her life. Many of which started at a young age with her parents. She was very shy, insecure, and carried many burdens. In order to get around these obstacles, she needed to resolve to find her identity. She did everything from working against child labor, to using her talents of public speaking. After that she turned her mind from working against child labor, to working for female rights. After she became first lady she held a series of press conferences. Although she only allowed women journalists in to force newspapers to hire females to get access to her. But most of all her biggeset advantage was her ability was turning her adversities into strengths in order to persevere.

Jackie Robinson Through Time (Sequential Order)

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Politics, and Winston Churchill (Description)

Everything started off well for Winston Churchill. He was a fine politician in Britain and soon became a part of parliament. But in the blink of an eye, everything went wrong. As the Winston Churchill biography states, the public and government turned against Churchill and he was eventually was moved out of politics. He was still a part of parliament, but that wasn’t enough to keep him busy. He tried to distract his mind with painting. He struggled to fight his way back in for a long time but was unsuccessful. But he was eventually asked to be the Prime Minister to help in the fight against Nazi Germany. It was during this time that he started giving many inspirational speeches to boost morale and fighting spirit. Without Churchill, Europe’s fight to defeat Nazi Germany would have been much more difficult.

Closing Statements

After reading all of these people's stories, it's hard to believe what they have gone through. They had to show multiple character traits, and at the same time keep composure. Reading this will help people identify adversities in their own life and help give them an idea of how to solve them.