California Gold Rush

Ashlee Thalman

Gold Brings Settlers

Before the Mexican-American War, California's population consisted mostly of Mexcians and Native Americans. Mexico controlled California, Mexcian officials didn't want many Americans to settle there. A Swiss immigrant John Sutter started the colony. The Donner party was a group of western travelers who went to California but were stranded in Nevada Moutains.

Gold in California Anna claim of staking

Striking the gold

California is a state for striking it rich, because of the gold the forty-nines found, the were gold seeking migrants in California. Some of the forty-nines would prospect, or search for the gold. The Mining methods varied according to the location. The most popular method was the placer method, the people that worked for this method were called Placer miners, they used pans or other devices to wash gold nuggets out of loose rock or gravel.

Gold that some of the miners put together

The forty miners searched for the gold and the Placer miners basically cleaned the gold