EAT Semester Exam

by Nathalie Gonzalez


Teaching- By teaching and doing lesson plans in my class room for 2 years and I have meet my requirements.

Recreation- Our classroom went to the science Museum visiting the Myth buster exhibit.

Appreciation of teachers- Last year we did a jar of hot chocolate for appreciating what out Intern teachers have done for us, This year we did a wooden block with their names, year and or an inspiring word.

Fundraising- At the beginning of the year we did a fundraiser which contain in selling cookie dough and I sold 4, which meant the requirements.

Leadership- I volunteered at Holiday heights Elementary for science night, which completed my requirements.

Education- At the BCTAL we had a college day, were various college came to visit us and talked about their college and presented their schools.

Service project- I have not met this requirement yet.

Last year I did a teacher created materials with my partner Vanessa and we made it to State. This year I did a Bulletin Board and i will be attending State.

My future as a teacher

Being a teacher has been a dream of mine ever since I was in 8th grade but I never really thought of being a teacher until my junior year when I stared going to my intern school.

I haven't taken my SAT or ACT yet but I do plan on doing so.

My dream school is a great school, it has an amazing campus and it's somewhere I want to go. Tarleton State University was established in September 4, 1899 and it joined the A&M system in 1917. You can learn more about Tarelton State in the link below.