The President Of The USA


Must be 35 years old

Must live in US for 14 years

Natural-born citizen


$400,000 annual salary

Customizable house

Personal chef and trainers and other staff

Air Force One


Constitutional Powers


Commander in Chief (Most Important. The job was originally created for this)

Commission Military Officers

Enforce Laws

Appoint heads of Government Offices


Receive Ambassadors

Make Treaties

Appoint Ambassadors


Grant Pardons

Appoint Judges

Appoint Justices


Appoint Senators

Deliver State Of The Union

Call Congress to Session


Sets good goals that move the country forward

Excellent overall leader

Can deal with many different personalities

Credible person

Encourages compromise and cooperation to get things done

Solving Problems

Education is always a hot button issue. In the past, Common Core Standards were accepted due to the No Child Left Behind Act. Since then, 46 states have still accepted the CC Standards. However, many others are planning on leaving the standards behind. This is becoming an issue, as some states fall behind, and other states exceed the standards.

I would set goals of unifying the country in the field of education, and make this one of the best places to get your education in the world. I would use my role as Chief legislator to influence Congress to pass laws that are more strict on education quality, as opposed to just state standards. I would also use my State Of The Union address to push the issue of education, and make it a key issue in my presidency.