Why Seasons Happen.

Why seasons happen;

Most people think seasons happen because of how close the earth is to the sun but thats incorrect. Seasons happen because of the Earths Axis tilt, same with the other planets. Earth's axis is always at the same tilt, about 23.5 degrees. When the North Pole tilts to the sun those areas are in summer and the south pole is in winter.
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Other Planets.

However, Earth is not the only planet to have seasons. Some planets do not have very define or noticeable seasons such as Venus and Mercury because they do not have the same tilt as we do. But planets such as Uranus have extreme seasons.
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Other Things WIth the Axis.

There is also a summer solstice that is a time period where the axis is tilted so there is very small shadows, and a winter one where its tilted so the shadows are very large. The Equinox is the time and date where the sun crosses the celestial equator so day and night are the exact same length.
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