Stephen william Hawkings

He Is A Very Intresting Person To Meet

Early Life

Stephan William Hawking's was born in Oxford, united kingdom. He grew up in the historic and upper class areas of England. His educations were Trinity hall, cambridge in (1962-1966). When he was a child he wanted to study mathematics. Some of Stephen Hawkings children are Lucy hawkings she is one of Stephan Hawking's daughter, there also is Robert Hawking's he is the son of Stephen Hawking's and his last child is Timothy Hawking's he also is the son of Stephen Hawking's yes Stephen Hawking's did have a wife her name was jane Wilde they meat in 1965 and got married.

Why he is famouse

Stephen Hawking's was known for his contributions to the fields of cosmology, general relativity and quantum gravity, especially in the context of black holes. Stephen Hawking's had no inventions. Stephen Hawking's did not have any innovations either. Stephen Hawking's had no awards or honors because he did not invent anything to get any awards.

some pictures of Stephen William Hawking's

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