Andrew Jackson Hero or Villain

The Peoples President

1824 Election

In 1824 Andrew Jackson got more votes than John Quincy Adams but lost. He lost because Henry Clay got Congress to vote John Quincy Adams for President. Andrew Jackson at first was o.k. with the loss. Once he found out the John Quincy Adams made Henry Clay Secretary of State he felt it was a "corrupt bargain." In 1828 Andrew Jackson won because of the expanded Suffrage Act which let all white men vote instead of just wealthy white men.

Indian Removal Act

  • Jackson wanted the Cherokee's land so he could sift for gold and grow cotton, but the Cherokee's didn't want to leave so they went to court and won. Once they won the Supreme Court said that Georgia could not deal with foreign affairs since it was a state but Jackson didn't care and got Congress to pass the Force Act which gave Andrew Jackson the power to force the Cherokee's out of their homes. He forced them to walk 2000 miles to Oklahoma, and over 4000 Cherokee's died on the trail. Many died once they got to Oklahoma because it was nothing like Georgia. The landscape was plains of grass and they were used to rich soil and green forests. The Cherokee's did not know how to survive and many died.

Battle of New Orleans

In the Battle of New Orleans young Andrew Jackson had 5000 soldiers and the British had 7500 soldiers. That did not stop Andrew Jackson and his men to fight. His soldiers were great marksman entrenched in the canal. The British were surprised and suffered many causalities. By the end of the battle the British took 2000 casualties and Jackson's army only had 800. Andrew Jackson became well known with America after the success of this battle. This notoriety helped him become President.