My Hero

By: Katelyn Cheyenne Marion

Part 1.

A lot of children may look up to their mothers as their heroes when they are young, but my mother truly is my hero.

As a teenager growing up in a rough neighborhood in Oak Cliff Texas, my mother went through extremely tough times. On October thirty-first, when my mom was just sixteen years old, she tried to end her life. She likes to say that it was God's grace that kept her alive. Due to the attempt of suicide, my mom was diagnosed with paranoia and depression and was placed in a psychiatric hospital to try to get help. It took my mom four years to get well enough to leave the hospital. She tells me she felt like a new person, she wasn’t always turning around to see if people were following her, and she didn’t feel like no one was there for her anymore. Those four years in that Hospital helped shape my mom’s life, and I’m so glad. Out of the hospital she met my older sisters father. They married when she was only 21, my sister Meagan was born soon after. When Meagan turned 3, they divorced. Right after their divorce, my mom met my dad, a man she thought she was in love with. They were married, and then in 1998 came me, and two years later, my sister Ashlyn was born. Around the time I turned four my dad began to use and abuse prescription drugs. My mom, not wanting my sisters and me to grow up in the same environment as she did, packed our bags and left him. This is around the time my mom got a job teaching the anger management students at the local high school. My mom fell in love with teaching, and helping the kids who had the same problems as she did when she was younger. When I was five years old my mom met my mom met my little sister’s dad. We all connected with him really quickly, and for a while it was as if we had our own little family. My mom got married to him and a year later they had Arianna. 3 years after Arianna was born, my mom adopted two girls who are both older than me named Nichole, and Kristen. It was around this time that she found out that she had thyroid and thymus cancer, she began to have heart failure, and she had a herniated disk in her lower back. My mom was very sick, yet continued to teach. She was moved from the high school to a Juvenile boot camp, where she taught the kids that had gotten removed out of the school that you had to go to if you were removed from the regular school. One day around that time one of her students went to her school, and had a gun on him. He threatend to kill the small class, including my mom. All my mom did was tell the kid that she knew where she was going if she died, then proceeded to ask if he did. The student immediately burst into tears and began to apologize. It was that night that my mom found out that her husband had been cheating on her. His excuse was she was too sick. My mom was instantly hit with depression, yet she continued to work hard at her job, help us with our homework, and made sure we were okay. It takes a special type of person to put their problems behind their children's problems. She ended up getting really sick, and was bed ridden for 2 months. While she was stuck in bed, my older sister Kristen went missing for the first time. She had ran away to her real mother, the police had found her 2 days later. My mom had to deal with the pain of being sick, but now she also had felt the pain of being unwanted. My older sister Meagan moved in with her boyfriend when she was 16, Kristen ran away, Nichole hated her, and at the time I avoided her. Yet she made sure we had food on our table every single night.

My mom married her bestfriend from her childhood my sophomore year, gaining two boys, Jordan who is a year older than me, and Justin who is 3 years younger. Kristen ran away again, but this time was never found. Nichole had a child, and Meagan was avoiding my family. Yet my mom never went back into that state of depression. As a matter of fact I think it was the happiest she had been in a long time. She defeated the cancer, the heart failure, and the back problems. My moms health was the best it could have ever been. She was actually in love, and it made her happy.

The next year, my little sister Ashlyn was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. We had almost lost her. That was the last time I saw my mom sad. When the doctor told us her diagnosis at the hospital, my mom laughed. We were all confused at first but she said I was thinking she had cancer, it could be so worse, and we can't do anything about it so we will make the best of it. Hearing her say this showed me how strong she is. She would wake up at midnight and three in the morning everyday to make sure she was okay. She quit her job as a teacher to watch her all day. My mom did everything she could for my sister and then more.

I strive to be like my mom. To be the best I can be no matter what has happened in my past. She has taken the term don't let your past define who you are in a very serious way. I hope that when ever I am older and have my own kids that I can show them as much love and affection as my mom has for me.

Part 2.

My mom and Beowulf have one huge thing in common and that's perseverance. No matter how much she's been through she still fights to the end in the never ending battle of life.

Hero quote: a hero is an ordinary individual investors who finds the strength to preserve and endure in spite if overwhelming obstacles.

-Christopher Reeve

Part 3

Epic: the Iliad and the Odessey are the best examples of an epic considering they are some of the longest poems ever written.

Bravery: Taken is a great example of bravery. Liam Gives everything he has and goes through some very very dangerous situations to find his Daughter.

Fate: Tangled is my example of fate because no matter how much her kidnapping mother tries to keep her locked up she fails and rapunzel ends up meeting her true love.

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