A Comparison of Plant Growth

A study done by members of the TFSS plants association

By: Niveditha Kani
Do you want to buy a plant, but not one that takes too long to grow? We've created a visual representation of the growth rates of two different plants. Both of these plants grow at a linear rate.

The Plants We Chose

After careful consideration, we decided to compare two common and well-known plants: cacti and tulips. Cacti in Canada are generally kept as houseplants, while tulips look wonderful in gardens, and we thought the contrast would be useful.

Using the Information

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Above is a graph representing the growth rate of each plant. The red line represents the cactus, while the purple line represents the tulips.

8 weeks after getting our plants, both our cactus and our tulip were at the same height: 19 cm tall.

In the tables below, x represents the number of weeks spent growing the plant, while y represents the height of each plant in centimetres. Since we didn't grow the plants from seeds, both lines do not start from the origin.

The slope of the cacti's line is 0.5, and the tulip's slope is 2. These values represent the weekly growth for each plant.

Predicting Growth

The growth of each plant can be calculated and extrapolated by using the following equations:

For the cactus: Height = 0.5(Number of Weeks) + 15

For the tulip: Height = 2(Number of Weeks) + 3

Using this information, we can predict how long each plant will take to grow to its maximum height. Cacti can grow to a height of 101 cm, while tulips only grow to 30.5 cm.

Cacti will take 172 weeks (around 3.3 years) with maximum care to grow to its tallest height, and tulips will take 13.75 weeks (around 3 months) to grow to its tallest height.

After buying your plant, make sure to take care of it properly so that it's able to grow to it's tallest height. Happy planting!