Fuller & Ellsworth Closing

#LIVEWPI | May 2, 2016

Hi everyone. Thank you all for a great year. Julie and I wish you the best on your finals this week and hope you have a wonderful summer. For the seniors graduating, good luck on your future endeavors.

Elora & Julie

When do I need to be completely moved out?

You need to be moved out 24 hours after your last final. Your ID access will be turned off on Thursday (5/5) at noon, but you should be moved out before then.

Who do I contact when I am ready to move out?

There will be a google doc on the Residential Services Page for those of you moving out on 5/3 from 12-9 pm or 5/4 from 9-9pm. If you are leaving after the listed hours, please drop your key off in an Express Checkout envelope at Campus Police in the basement of Founders Hall.

Please see the handout attached below for more information.

What if I a moving out on Thursday between 8 am and noon?

Please contact Julie or myself to have one of us check you out. Our contact info is at the bottom of this newsletter.

Link to the Google Doc to have an RA come check your out (Tuesday: 12 pm-9 pm; Wednesday 9 am - 9pm)

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What if I need to stay late?

At this time, all late stay requests have been responded to. If an unexpected circumstance arises, please contact the Residential Services Office during business hours.

What do I need to do before I move out?

Before you leave, please make sure to fully clean your space. Your space should be as clean -if not cleaner- than you found it at the beginning of the year.

Please arrange with your roommate who is leaving last to talk about making sure all trash is removed and the common spaces are clean.

Please see the handout below for more info.

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What are damage charges?

After you leave, your room and common spaces will be individually checked for damage. If substantial damage is found, you will be charged based on the area. For example, if trash is found in the common room, all roommates of the apartment will be charged an equal amount. If damage is found in a bedroom, only the roommates of that room will be charged.

If you do come across damage in your apartment, please do not try to fix it.

What if I need to store items over the Summer?

Residential Services has partnered with Boomerang Storage. Boomerang Storage will provide you with boxes and come to your apartment and store your items over the summer. If you are interested, we have postcards with more information for you.

Need to Contact Us?


Email: evborkowski@wpi.edu

Phone: 508-831-5000


Email: jmmazza@wpi.edu

Phone: 508-831-6387

RA on Duty: 626-427-7377