How To Save Money While In College

James Little

Ways To Save Money In College

There are many ways you can save money while in college. You may even think these suggestions are false, just wait until you get the bills for just your new books. The average college student can end up spending around $1,000 just on their textbooks and supplies. Let's just say you bring your car up with you. This means along with your books you're going to have to pay for gas, insurance, and believe it or not you are going to have to pay for parking. It is much cheaper to carpool or take a bus. You should also make sure you don't use public ATM's. You can get fees on those too. If you see a bank near your school those will most likely be free.

You should also consider living on-campus rather than off-campus. When you live off-campus you also have to deal with apartment rent, utility bills, and grocery's. It is important that if you live on-campus that you make use of your student discounts. If you find a movie theater, restaurants, travel companies, and many other places will most likely have discounts ready for you. All it comes down to is asking. It is also important to start saving, it can only start out as a couple of dollars and before you know it you will have hundreds of dollars. If you have a job while at school this will also be a great time to make a budget. If you don't know a budget is a a self-imposed guideline for how much money you can spend and what you can spend it on. Finally you have to make sure you keep your life in balance. There is no excuse that you forget everything you love just for money.


If you keep in mind the suggestions listed below and get a good education you have a great future ahead of you. Studies show that if you understand the basic principles of finance you will be better at planning for retirement, avoiding debt, and accumulating wealth. It is also important to remember that education is most important. If you are stressed with money problems it is important to remember that your education will help you get a good job which will help you pay your bills. Researchers have proven that financial pressure is the leading cause of students to drop out of college.

Most Important Things To Remember

"Being broke is no joke"


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