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Approved: M. Glover December 11, 2015

Is That a Reindeer?

That is probably not a reindeer if you're seeing it in North America. Can your child tell you what it really is? (Hint: Caribou). We've spent a couple of days this week learning about that amazing creature the caribou. It's life is spent in frigid temperatures and the hooves and antlers are extremely interesting. We even got to see an example of the food they like to eat -- lichen. We made an informational book with some fascinating facts about reindeer (and took the time to find some sight words in the text too). Of course, we had to learn a song about reindeer (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer) and are now experts at drawing a reindeer. The students had some interesting theories about how Santa's reindeer have the ability to fly. One of our books, Who Will Guide My Sleigh Tonite?, gave the students a chance to hypothesize what other animals might be able to pull Santa's sleigh. You'll be seeing a class book with their creative ideas. Hannukah started on December 6 so we had a day to look closer at that holiday. Candles, food and gifts were all aspects of the holiday that coordinate with things we use in our Christmas celebrations.

What's Happening Next Week?

We're going to be looking at the celebration of Kwanzaa and Los Posadas this week before we dismiss for Christmas break. We'll also design and build our flotation or bridge projects for the gingerbread man to cross the water. The Polar Express day will be on Wednesday. Wear pajamas and get ready for a fun adventure. When we return in January we'll start a new project based learning experience related to our study of the world around us.

Important Dates

December 17 -- Polar Express Day - wear your pajamas

December 18 -- Last Day before Christmas Break - Dismiss at 12:00

January 6 -- First Day Back for Students


RIK.2 and 7; RLK.5 and 10; RFK1.d; RFK.2.d; RFK3.a and c; WK.2; WK.7; LK.1; LK.2; CC.3, 4 and 5; KCC.3;