By Noel

Family Ties

My families roots run deep we are a proud and strong people

we can be humble and charismatic yet be stubborn and proud

do not mistake our kindness for weakness. We are fighters we do not back down we do not quit. Mama didn't raise a quitter. We can trace our heritage back to the Mexican warriors and the Spanish conquistadors who fought yet ended up making a proud family. The diversity in income is staggering we come from royalty yet have family members who decide to live like peasants but we make our fate and choose how we live mama says. my ancestors didn't live on royalty but fought like warriors. My grandma was woman pioneer she helped the poor and fought for the weak. Helping others to cross the wall that divides poverty and opportunity. Making their lives better and not asking for anything in return putting her own neck on the line for the sake of others. Yeah my roots are not perfect and we always mess up but we leave a legacy that is true to our core and never look back and welcome this new generation to the family of imperfection that have a lot of heart

The Pick

The decision was not easy it took me quite a while to make the final decision. I was under so much pressure by my parents to make the final decision. I did not know what i was going to take home it was a decision that was going to stay with me for years and reflect my personality and the type of person i am. I showed up to place that looked like heaven. The sea of cars made me gasp in awe there was all types of cars big ones,fast ones,slow ones,tiny ones,old ones,sporty ones, I was in heaven the only challenge was to find one and not get ripped off. we walked miles in search for my perfect car we kept coming up empty handed. Nothing really stood out to me and my mom was getting frustrated. It was getting dark and late so we stopped at place that had decent quality cars but they did not really stand out too me but it was the last lot so i had to pick out something the choices were not great. A Nissan and a Mazda I just looked at both cars and cursed to myself so with time winding down and my back against the wall i chose the little nissan it was newer and i knew Nissan made great cars we filled out the paperwork and i was off in my new car as i drove home i saw some of the features on the car that i liked and the car started to grow on me a little bit the next day was memorial day and i showed up too school in that car . a few people looked but not many and my friend said it didn't fit me i was not my style but i shrugged it off and kept with day at school. the next day my mom went to go finish some paper work and then i get a text a picture message within the text there lay a beautiful mustang the second i saw it i fell in love it had these curves that put me in shock the motor had so much power. everything about it was perfect. and then i get another text from my mom that said ‘’this car just came in and the guy is willing to do a trade’’ I did not hesitate one bit and said ‘’YES’’ i dropped everything i was doing and headed to go get the car of my dreams. once i arrived i saw the car and i knew she was the one. we corrected the paperwork i got in the car and turned it on and heard her for the first time and knew she was a keeper.


I can barely walk the slightest movement makes me cry in pain the immobility is killing me but the pain is worse feeling so useless what did i do wrong. My spine feels as if it is getting twisted by a strong man and the compression is too much as i try to get up i feel the earth bringing me back down pressing down on my lower back. I keep on going try forget about the pain but it's no use i feel its full force. With the tears in my eyes i get too my feet and start to head forward every step feels like i am getting stabbed in the back and my spine is getting ripped out. After 19 excruciating steps i get to the cabinet to get the only remedy that can make the pain go away. The pills do not take immediate effect i wait 5 minutes and can feel my body at rest no more pain. a tiny accomplishment i am now able to sleep i go to bed and feel the world at peace the pain is gone all i have worry about now is shutting my eyes and going to sleep but i know the relief is temporary and i have to face the pain again tomorrow.
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The Game

The hitting,The bleeding,The violence

Where power meets speed and the collisions are brutal, it is not a game for the weak. Practice after Practice Play after Play Collision after Collision it is A endless ride that brings joy to the masses and is full of passes

We the players get looked upon to be the top of the food chain, we also get looked upon with jealousy and resentment not knowing our own struggles and the sacrifices we make to put on those jersey to make our school proud and our parents even prouder with high hopes and a even higher determination we go out there every friday night to fight and leave it all on the field not worrying about how we feel. The shining lights so clear bright and the crowd cheering our name.putting it all on the line for the screaming fans along with a band that says “FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT” not knowing the grave danger we put ourselves in. we do not mind because it is all a game. The pain is too much to handle i find it hard to sleep but oh wait i have be at practice at seven o'clock in the morning and then deal with the gigantic pressure of school and making sure i get good grades. and then finish school and do more hours of excruciating practice and finally get the privilege to go home, But oh no two hours of homework that i must do barely get to time eat and before i know it its twelve oclock and i have to go back to the struggle of trying to go to sleep, But thanks to the Pain medicine i am able to fall asleep. But we do not mind because it is all a game.


This story starts off when i was 9 it was my 2nd and last season with the minor league cowboys and i was excited because i was starting on both sides and was a captain. At the beginning of the season i saw my team and really did not think we were going to be any good. But we worked hard day after day. And i saw improvement. After weeks of practice we finally arrived to our first official game it finally mattered and we were going to see if we were up to the challenge. The first game was in the bag and we had collected the W we were excited and pumped 2 games in and we were still winning, at that point i thought we were good enough to make playoffs 6 games in and were undefeated at this point i knew we had something. 3 games to go and were on a roll i was working my butt off and so was my team we had great chemistry and a lot of hard work. we finished the season undefeated a perfect 10-0 and had 3 games left in the playoffs and then hopefully the championship game, We dominated the playoff games just absolutely demolished the teams and were in the championship game. We felt great and were pumped we knew who our opponents were and destroyed them earlier in the season so we knew we had this in the bag. I am not going to lie we were really cocky but we still went thru practice and tried to remain focus but it was hard because we were already thinking about how we were going to be the first team to go undefeated. finally it was game day and we were ready to go my mind was not totally in the game but i soon got reminded by my hard headed screaming coach to get my head out of the clouds and i was quickly reminded that i had war to win some of the other players on the other hand were not totally in the game. 1st quarter we scored first and were excited but then they scored and we were all tied up. 2nd quarter the same thing happened and we remained tied at halftime our coach screamed and yelled at us about what we were doing and trying to correct our negligence. We followed his commands and went all out but still remained tied. It was the 4th quarter and only 16 seconds left on the clock it was 4th and 14 the ball was on our 20 yard so our coach decided to punt it. and get the ball as far away as possible. But then they got the ball at 40 and started to run it back i thought my team was going to catch but the kid was too fast as he swiftly moved about and got closer to the touchdown i yelled at the top of my lungs from the sideline to get him but it’s as if that didn't matter he did not stop until he finally reached that damn touchdown line i was in so much shock i had no words i just fell my heart drop and knew it was over but then realized there was time left and i had to go out there and make a miracle. with only 3 seconds left on the clock it was me and my offense is job to get a score we decided to throw it hoping that the fastest guy on our team would get it and score.As the ball was snapped i blocked anything that would come my way to make sure m QB would be safe until i saw the ball leave his hand and up in the air. Kevon caught it and ran as fast as he could but he was surrounded and had no where to go and finally got tackled i felt my whole world come to an end i knew it was over. So we huddled up and cried and got a pep talk from my coach but it was useless we had lost and not won the championship and it was all over the perfect season was gone and were just left with tears.


The white is amazing its like something you have never seen before. It brings Happiness to everyone it gives you that feeling of joy. It brings me back to a time of nostalgia a happiness that can not be replaced. as i step on the white gold i can hear a CRACK beneath me and feel the ice start to crumble as i go forward the cracking continues and i laugh because i know its winter time and its the best time of year
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The Book Of Life By You

Life can be happy,sad,amazing,disappointing,scary,empty,

Life is what you make it you are the decider of your own destiny

The people you meet along the way mold what kind of character you become

The learning experiences along the way develop your brain into the way you think

Experiences can be lovely and can exciting and full of joy

Experiences can also be terrifying and upsetting and depressing

Life is full of choices that determine who we become

Life is full of people who can teach us the way

The only thing left is too discover for ourselves and see new experiences

This life has everything and we are the ones who control it

But its all up too you