Computer Hardware

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hard disk drives

hard drives are storage devices which stores all your data. This peice of tech can hold over 100GB.This peice of technology is very smart.


This stands for Random Access Memory.This peice of tech is made of small memory chips which form a memory module.
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The motherboard is the main curcuit board of your computer and is also known as the mainboard or logic board.
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optical drive

in the real world optical refers to vision or however ability to see. In the computer world optical refers to lasers.This machine gives you access to play and watch all your movies

Hard drives

What a hard drive is what stores all your data. This can store all your data or information onto the computer.This smart peice of technology can hold over 100GB on the computer.This can store all your folders, files, and all your essays etc.


the monitor displays the computers user interface and open programs allowing the user to interact with the computer officially using the keyboard and mouse. This also is refered to speakers, This machine can be used for monitoring the sound.

Touch Screens

Touch Screens are a display which is an input device this has several extra layers. This process is sensitive and also transparent panel.


This process stands for central processing unit. This is basically the brains for your computer.The CPU itself is an iternal component in the computer
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Input devices

input devices is a hardware device that sends data onto the computer, without any input devices, a computer would be a display device
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Output devices

an output device is any peice of hardware used to transmit and to comunicate the results of data.
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