Chapel Hill

The University of North Carolina currently has 29,127 students attending it, but does not feel like that because it is 729 acres.
UNC is a 4 year university, they also have a graduate school if you want to get a masters.
UNC is in North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
To go to UNC it cost about 30,000 dollars. But for out of state tuition it is 50,000 dollars.

They require freshmen to live on campus. when you live on campus you can side up for a meal plan.

October 15th is early registration and January 10th is regular registration. To get in you must have 2.5 GPA.

They have some good engineering majors and sport science.

UNC has many fun activities you do. A big one is go to football games and if you don't like football they many other sports to choose from.