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April 2015 Newsletter


If this beach scene doesn't get you in the mood for summer I don't know what can! May is the month we kick off our summer marketing and products on special for all of those summer days of traveling on road trips or day trips and taking your life on the go. Think about what your plans are for the coming months and what products you'll be using. Why not pull a few together into some fun solution sets for summer and take a short video with your phone to post on your customer page?! They'd love to hear and see what you have to share first hand with a personal touch. When they can 'see' the products in use they're more likely to 'need' them as well! Market your business all summer by taking your favorite pieces along and always have some mini catalogs, business cards, and of course our Thirty-One app on your phone to get HER info and even place orders from the palm of your hand. May is also the LAST month of our selling year in Thirty-One; a new year begins June 1 so let's really make this month count and end our year with a bang!

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May 2015 Customer Special: Thirty-One Gifts



YOU DID IT! April team sales: $11,594.98

We had a total of 17 parties and welcomed 2 new team members!

WELCOME once again to Melita and Christina!

TOP PV: ($600+)

Jeannine Whitley $2,139.90

Linda Mann $1,659.35

Shaela Wise $1,100.93

Cori White $671.11

Tessa Burrell $621.13



Shaela Wise, 4

Jeannine Whitely, 3

Linda Mann, 2

Amanda Bailey, 1

Casey Norris, 1

Tammy Burrell, 1

Tessa Burrell, 1

Sandra McGuire, 1



Christina Muir

Amanda Richardson

Cori White

Michelle Lohan

Sandra McGuire

Shaela Wise

Tessa Burrell

Tammy Burrell

Shannon Engle

Casey Norris

Sonya Haines

Sara Mason

Amanda Bailey

April Whitfield

Jeannine Whitley

Linda Mann

EVERYONE WHO SUBMITTED APRIL SALES WILL GET A 'COOL' LITTLE PRIZE IN THE MAIL SOON! Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to this team!

Stephanie's Stats:

PV: $2,022.70

Parties: 3

Recruits: 2

In the month of April, as a Consultant, I would have made $505.67

In the month of April because I chose Leadership, as a Director, I will make $853.53

April marks my 2 year anniversary with this company; wanna do more for your business in the coming year to work smarter not harder and make more money? Let's chat and make your plan!

Contact Stephanie

I'm here for you! June begins a new sales year; what are your goals and where do you want to be this time next year? Set some goals, write them on paper, share them with me and I will help you reach them and work out a plan for how to get there!
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The April Consultant Spotlight is on Jeannine Whitley!

First of all, congrats to Jeannine for a great month and for earning the free Mini Canvas Crew bag I offered for highest PV earner this month!

*What made you decide to give Thirty-One a try?

It just kept niggling at the back of my mind. My sons used to play ball and I would tell them, if you don't swing you have 0% chance of hitting the ball; if you swing, at least you have a chance. So, I figured I would try and even if I failed, I would have some great product in the starter kit.

*What are you looking forward to doing with your next commission check?

Probably pay a bill or two and buy the June special, ha ha.

*What would you say to anyone interested in joining Thirty-One?

I would say definitely give it a try. I have not been in it long but I have already received so much support and witnessed so much sisterhood and helpfulness. It truly is a company that wants you to succeed.