S.S Project

By: Grace Wissler

Where the Mayans lived

The Mayans lived in Yucatan,Quintana Roo,Campeche,Tabasco and Chiapas. (Mexico)
Also in Guatemala,Belize,El Salvador and Honduras. (Central America)

The Mayan Goverment

The Mayans developed a ranked government ruled by kings and priests

The Mayans Religion

The Mayans religion involved several aspects of nature,astronomy, and rituals.

The Mayans Economy

Trade in agriculture products was the basis for the strong mayan economy

The Mayans Technology/Contributions

The Mayans knew how to predict solar eclipses,they had a calendar called "The Long Count"

Decline of the Civilization

From the late 8th century to the end of the 9th century,something unknown happened to shake the Mayan Civilization to its foundations

Sites to see!!!

Some of the most amazing Mayan ruins are located in the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico)