Cottonwood Eagle Eye

September 2022

Welcome Back!

We have had a wonderful start to our school year! I want to thank every parent, grandparent, educator, and student who has made our start to the school year a strong one! We are so grateful for each of our students. Thank you to every family for trusting us to educate your child!

Our School Goals and Priorities

We want to make all of our families aware of our big goals as a school this year. These are linked to our strategic plan as a district. We’d love your help in making these goals a priority for our students.

1. Increase student writing at every grade level by adopting a school-wide writing rubric

2. Increase positive culture at Cottonwood by utilizing Kickboard software to track how often we are recognizing students positively at our school.

3. Increase communication with our community via various communication efforts and evening events at the school.

Cottonwood Happenings

Here are some upcoming events we want families to be aware of:

September 5th - No School Labor Day

September 8th - School Pictures

September 12th - PAC meeting 7:00 PM in the Cafeteria. All families welcome!

September 16th - 4th Grade Field Trip to Ridgeway

September 23rd - No School PD Day

Quick Reminders to Families

  • Our tardy bell rings at 8:00. Students dropped off at or after 8:00 need to come sign their student(s) in for the day. This helps us keep students safe and keep track of students at the office.
  • Please make sure after school plans are communicated to the office by 2:30 (1:30 Wednesdays). This is an incredibly busy time in the main office and difficult for us to communicate effectively with all students. Unless there is an emergency, plans cannot be changed after 2:30 PM.
  • Students may not be picked up for early dismissal after 2:45 (1:45Wednesdays). This is a transition time and often students cannot be found easily.
  • Phones/smart watches are NOT allowed at school except in backpacks. Students should not be accessing their phones/watches until after the school day is complete. This is so that we can limit distractions in class and ensure the safety of all students. If students are found with technology, the technology will be confiscated and parents will need to come to the office to get them. Thank you for your understanding!

Monthly Capturing Kids' Hearts' Character Trait

This month, as a school we'll be working on EMPATHY.

What is Empathy?

Empathy is the ability to be aware of, understand, and be sensitive to another person’s feelings.Instead of focusing how these feelings impact ourselves, empathy motivates us to focus on others and respond with care and compassion.

Why Focus on Empathy?

  • Empathy builds positive classroom culture. Empathy empowers students to learn to understand each other to build trust and safety in the classroom.
  • Empathy strengthens community. Empathy helps students strengthen their relationships with classmates, other students and adults at school, and at home.
  • Empathy prepares your students to be leaders in their community. The best leaders understand the people they lead and are able to show they care.

Empathy In Action:

  • Take a different perspective. When you take a different perspective, you put aside your own feelings and reactions to see the situation through another’s eyes.
  • Put aside judgment. Take a pause and rather than express conclusions about a situation based on what you see, step back and consider other things you may still need to know or understand.
  • Communicate that you understand. Instead of giving advice, respond with reflective phrases like, “It sounds like you...” or “I hear that you...” to express that you understand and care.