Got Milk?

Just say yes to milk!

Choosing Milk

Milk is a very vital part of our lives. It gives us the nutrients we need; (Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, B2, Calcium, Phosphorus.) We get all of these nutrients no matter the type of milk. But we do get some of the ones we don't want if we choose the wrong type! For all you people that are new to shopping for yourself or need help deciding, follow along as we guide you to your path of milk destiny!
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Zoe Sugg aka Zoella

As many know her from YouTube, Zoe would be a perfect 'decider' for choosing milk since she always appears to have some of the best things in her monthly haul videos. We also learn from her inspirational quote, "Just say yes!", that we know to say yes to the right type of milk.
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While whole milk may have that creamy good taste to it, it has a lot more fat and cholesterol than skim milk. Skim milk is far healthier, but is a little on the watery side. Luckily a 2% and 1% version has been made for those who want to have the feeling that they are drinking milk, not water, and still want to be having a healthy amount of fat.

*TIP*-Try using whole milk when cooking for that desired texture.

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Food Network

Food Network is a wonderful magazine to sponsor this Got Milk? ad because they are not only about cooking, but also making healthy choices and including incredible celebrities into the mix, like Zoe. These qualities are all what makes this ad what it is!