Hitchcock Highlights

Wednesday, Sept. 9th

Important Dates to Remember

Wednesday, Sept. 9th- Topic 2 math test

Writer's Notebook Decorating Day-Friday, Sept. 11th-

We will be personalizing our Writer's Notebook on Friday. Students are encouraged to bring in photos of family pets, friends, hobbies, etc. They can bring in scrapbook paper, stickers, words cut from magazines, photographs, drawings they have made, etc.

Coming Up this Week

Social Studies:

Native Americans- People of the Eastern Woodlands, Plains, and NW Coast. We will be sharing our paper slide videos, making Poplets on the iPads to organize our Native American information, and making totem poles! Thanks again for all the shoeboxes!


We will conclude our focus on decimals, with a study guide over Topic 2 that will come home on Tuesday and a test on Wednesday (adding and subtracting decimals).


Focus on strong verbs, voice, word choice, and point of view.


Lesson 4

Reading- We are reading one of my favorite books, Shiloh, by Phyllis Reyonalds Naylor. I am using this book to reinforce the habits of great readers (metacognition (thinking about our thinking as we read), asking questions, checking for understanding, visualization as we read (the movie in our heads) and characterization (how characters develop and change throughout the story. We are also learning how to do close reading which is taking a small chunk of the text and really digging in deep to extract more meaning.

Essential Question: What do great readers do to better comprehend the text?

Target Skills: dialect, point of view, characterization

Target Strategies: Monitor and Clarify, visualization, asking questions

Specials Schedule

Tuesday- Library/Strings

Wednesday- Art/Band

Thursday- Counselor/PE/Strings



Thank you for sending in candy and other goodies for the students to purchase with their class cash. They loved shopping today for a piece or two of candy!

Band/String Days

Strings: A, C and every other E

Band: B, D and every other E

Friday Weekly Reflections

Every Friday students fill out a weekly reflection. I will also use this reflection to give my feedback and make comments about the week. I was requiring students to get a parent signature and return the form by Tuesday. YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO SIGN AND RETURN. IF THIS IS SOMETHING YOU WANT TO SEE, IT WILL GO HOME EVERY FRIDAY! :)

The reflection sheet no longer needs to be signed and returned. :)