The French in Kansas

Immigration to Silkville, Kansas

By Nathan and Joseph


Our immigration group is the French. They are called Frenchmen.


The French came from France and came to Kansas. Boissiere a rich Frenchmen settled in Silkville and bought the land and encouraged other people to come. Before Boissiere moved to Silkville he immigrated to New Orleans.


They left their homeland because there was political fighting going on in France. Many also wanted more land, better jobs, and wanted a better life. The French moved to Kansas because they also heard the land was good and cheap in Kansas. The French also believed it was a place without discrimination.


When Boissiere bought Silkville it was 1869, and after that he encouraged other Frenchmen to come and live in Silkville.


Boissiere founded SIlkville in Kansas, when he was there he found Silkworms that make strong stretchy thread. After he found the Silkworms he encouraged other Frenchmen to come to Silkville . That is the story of how the French came to Kansas.