Roman News

49 B.C.

Civil War breaks out in the Empire!

A few days ago, Julius Caesar marched across the Rubicon. A civil war started between his army and that of Pompey's. Caesar is trying to take back the position of leader in Rome. We have just received news that this is because the senate ordered him to disband his army and return to Rome. They were scared of his powerful army in Gaul. Do you think this was fair?

For newcomers to Rome, Julius Caesar was the leader of Rome about 10 years ago. He had to give up his position on that 10th year, according to law. Pompey used to work with him, but general knowledge shows that they are against each others opinions now. Julius is currently the Governor of Gaul.

Either side could win this civil war. If Pompey were to win, we would receive a new Governor of Gaul. If Caesar won, he would probably become the leader of Rome again. He could even name himself dictator.

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We need 10000 workers for the construction of a new entertainment center and bathing house. We have to finish both before winter arrives! The first 100 people to be hired for the job will receive double pay!

Hiring Official stationed at both construction sites.

History of a Repulic

Our republic is a superior form of government. We have been using it for 460 years! It all started when we got rid of those Etruscan kings. We told them to never install a king in power again.

We created a senate. This is the main government body of our empire. This allowed the population to choose who they wanted to hold office for them. They made the decisions for the empire. That is how it still is today.

There are only a few things that are different from 400 years ago. Every time our senate noticed something that was wrong, they would implement a reform of reforms that changed the way we lived. This made life better and better in the empire, up to this point. I think the best thing that the senate did was when they created The Twelve Tables. Let us know what you think was the best reform!

Who do you think will win the civil war?

Who will win this new civil war? Will it be Pompey, who is in league with the Senate?

Will it be Caesar, the Governor of Gaul? He is attacking Rome because of the recent command of the Senate to disband his army and return home.

I think that Pompey will win. He has all of Rome on his side supporting him. If he cannot defend against Caesar's army, it might be better to just let Caesar take the throne. Pompey also doesn't have to go anywhere. He has the land to his advantage. He can set traps and send spies to gain information on Caesars army.

Caesar, on the other hand, does have a good chance. His army is known to be supremely loyal to him, and they are excellent fighters. If Pompey doesn't do something soon, Caesar could be on the doorstep of Rome! If he managed to gain his old position, he could even become a dictator! Let us know who you think will win.