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Steam Engine

Steam Engine

. Their heavy fuel consumption made them uneconomical when used where coal was expensive, but in the British coalfields they performed an essential service by keeping deep mines clear of water and were extensively adopted for this purpose. In this way the early steam engines fulfilled one of the most pressing needs of British industry in the 18th century.

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Although waterpower and wind power remained the basic sources of power for industry, a new prime mover had thus appeared in the shape of the steam engine, with tremendous potential for further development as and when new applications could be found for it.


· Who is the inventor?

Is there a second inventor who made improvements on the original invention? Robert Fulton

· How does the invention work?

Robert Fulton

· What is the purpose of the invention?

to traverse the lower Mississippi River

· Where did the invention occur?

Pittsburgh, Pa

· When did the invention occur?


· Why was there a need for this invention?

to traverse the lower Mississippi River

· Why is this invention important in history?

to fit the shallow waters of the river; he used a high-pressure steam engine (to make progress upstream)