Mrs. Perry's Cheetah Cubs

Weekly Wrap-Up - September 23, 2016

A Glimpse into our Learning This Week...

Language Arts:

  • We continued making our way through our vowel review by focusing on the short 'e' sound.
  • During our vowel review, we have been focused on consistently applying what we already know about the rules of letter sounds to our writing.
  • We are also reinforcing excellent handwriting habits in our writing.


  • Our focus in Math this week continued to be on Numbers, Operations and Algebraic Thinking.
  • We applied everything we have been reviewing about the properties of addition and word problems to find missing addends.


  • We began our Continents, Oceans and Landforms Unit this week.

Some curricular based questions to ask your child this week:

  • Can you tell me the sound the short e makes? What is an example of a short e word? What about the long e?
  • What were some of your writing prompts about this week? What were some corrections Mrs. Perry asked you to make in your journal?
  • What can you tell me about the sky line (?) the grass line (?) or the mid-line when you're writing?
  • Is the Earth made up of more land or water? How many continents are there? Can you name any of them? What about the oceans? Can you tell me more about the globe project you completed with Mrs. Perry?

International Day of Peace

We took a peaceful break mid-week to celebrate the UN's International Day of Peace. Some of our 'peace' activities included: planting pinwheels to represent our hopes for peace, brainstorming what peace means to each of us, Ms. Soto read the story Wangari's Trees of Peace to our class, and we wrote about our vision of a peaceful world.

My most favorite vision of a peaceful world came from our friend Andy. He wrote:

"My peaceful world would be a quiet beautiful place where everyone was happy because everyone listened to each other and learned from each other."