Journeys for Freedom

Freedom to protect your country

Soldier in Disguise

Deborah Samson was a woman living in the 1780s, a time when woman couldn't fight in war. Deborah went in disguise as a man to fight to protect her country. She learned to be a good soldier at fort West Point. In a battle after that, she was shot in the leg. She was terrified that the doctors would find out her secret so she bravely cut of her own leg with a saw. Before the war ended, she got a fever and a doctor found out that her secret. He then contacted the general. The doctor and the general was awestruck. How could a woman fight in a war? After this, Deborah went home.

Mohandas Gandhi

Mohandas Gandhi is the leader of a big freedom movement in India. Britain had complete control in India in the 1940s. Mohandas Gandhi lead a peaceful freedom movement. He wasn't suppose to resist the British, but he did resulting in India's freedom. He inspired movements for freedom all around the world.

So how are they the same...

Gandhi and Deborah?

Gandhi and Deborah both fought either peacefully or through war to free their country. Deborah wasn't suppose to fight because she was a girl. Gandhi wasn't suppose to stand up against Britain, but he did. Both of these people worked for freedom. Both people succeeded.