By: Richard Polimeni

What Cyberbullying Is

Cyberbullying is when a kid or teen is bullying another kid or teen online with photos and videos.This is done over computers, phones and even gaming consoles where people are attacked and do nothing back.

How To Stop Cyberbullying

Well sometimes there is no way to stop it but if you can then do it.If you can tell an adult but the chances of that happening are slim since only 1 in 4 kids cyberbullied tell adults. So try ignoring the attacker and if that doesn't work then use the "BLOCK BUTTON" its there for a reason!

What Doing Cyberbullying Does

Girls gets cyberbulied more than boys do and people usually dont do anything about it. Also kids who get cyberbullied just get sad and usually go into a depression. But its what happens in the depression is whats bad the kid getting bullied can end hurting themselves usually by cutting their wrist. Finally people who get cyberbullied end up committing suicide. So just stop cyberbully all together!