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Justin Bieber

Justin is a Canadian artist who started hyis career in 2008. He was found YouTube by Scooter Braun, his current manager, by posting videos of himself in a signing competetion. Scooter then flew him out to Atlanta to plan his career. Justin had met Usher in parking lot not to lopoong after his landing. He offered to sing to him, but Usher refused, thinking he was just some kid. (Justin was 12 at the time) Justin met Usher again, two years later and finally sang for him. Usher took an imediate liking to his voice and wanted Justin on his record label. Justin Timberlake, who had heard about the young singing prodigy. Timberlake and Usher both wanted Justin, but he ended up getting signed on Usher's label. Not too long after that, he released his first album, My World.

Justin worked hard. After his album release, he was always to traveling to different radio stations, to sing on air and preform for the crowd outside, trying to put his name out there. As time went by, Scooter realized that crowds out side radio stations would get bigger and bigger, soon a few hundred girls would be out side each radio station, which was strange, because Justin was just a minor, aspiring, aritst at the time.

Later he realesed his second album, My World 2.0 and went oh his My World Tour. During that tour, he got to preform at Madison Square Garden and sold out the show in 22 minuets. For an artist that has been on the market for less than 2 years, that was a pretty huge deal.

His story was so inspiring that in 2010 he released his own movie, Never Say Never, that explained his amazinf story and rise to success. After the release of the movie, his sratdom had gotten even bigger, and to this day, he has the title of the biggest popstar on the planet.

On Christams Day, last year, he had released another movie, Believe. This movie wasn't like his first. Instead of explaining his story, it showed all of his success and chalenges he faces whilst being Justin Bieber.

Justin is an amazing, hardworking person. Through all of his success he has won various awards and played in some of the worlds biggest arenas. He even put on a free concert in Mexico for over 300,000 people. He does charity work all over the world. He recently just got done finishing helping build schools in Guatamala. He is the ideal inspiration and idol, no matter what any media says.

Justin Update

Justin is working on more music right now, even though he had just released a new album just a couple months ago. A tour is a bit difficult to plan right now because of all the media drama happening.


Avalanna was a six year old girl with a rare brain disease. She loved Justin. One day, she had a little "wedding", between her and Justin, at the hospital, with a card board cut out of him. Justin had heard about this and he also found out that her time on Earth was limited, so he scheduled a meeting. He thought it would be a simple meet and greet, but he ended up spending hours and hours with her, playing games and talking. Justin loved Avalanna. He would always fly her out to the places he was in and he would always visit her. She became his best friend. Avalanna didn't love Justin because he was "Justin Bieber". She loved him because he was her favorite person, and her greatest friend.

One day, right before his Believe tour was about to kick off, Justin got the heartbreaking news. Avalanna was no longer with us.

Justin had made Avalanna his One Less Lonely Girl. Instead of bringing a girl on stage, during his first concert, he sung to giant screen with Avalanna on it. It was his goodbye.

Mrs. Bieber will always be in our hearts. RIP

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