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November 23rd-December 4th

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Hoit's Hightlights - Week of 11/23/2015

One Star Family,

I am THANKFUL for all of our One Star Family members and what you do to support our learners. Over the past week I have enjoyed seeing our students shine in #GrammarRocks and classrooms across the building.

Please take time to celebrate the “Glows” of your students 2nd quarter progress report this weekend. In addition to “Glows” talk to your child about what areas he or she sees as “Grows.” When we return from the Thanksgiving Break our iCoach, Reading and Math Specialists and I will visit grade levels and discuss the value of #GoalSetting in life. Students are never too young to dream and learn simple ways they can set themselves up for success, both academically and personally. We have had a lot of fun collaborating on this project and we look forward to many more discussions centered on personal and academic growth for ALL students.

Ultimately, goal setting is designed to improve our wellbeing and push us towards achieving dreams despite obstacles. “Thank You” for all you do at home to support us in our efforts to push your child academically, socially, and emotionally to get them to the next level and create meaningful life experiences.

Arrival and Dismissal Reminders & “Food for Thought”

  • Please remember while we can’t do anything to change the physical landscape of our arrival and dismissal procedures, we can change our attitude towards this time of the day

    • In 25 minutes we get nearly 500+ students loaded into cars and on their way safely

    • #safetyfirst

    • #teamwork

    • #impressive

  • If you can, please arrange a car-pool for drop off/pick up

  • Please drive slowly, student safety is number one priority

  • We appreciate you modeling safe, respectful driving manners behind the wheel (our children will follow our lead)

  • It’s hard to be upset if you are smiling and celebrating “thankfulness” for your child’s opportunity to learn every day

  • Bell schedules have been created to improve communication, expectations, and improve traffic flow inside and outside the building with so many students releasing out the front doors

  • Bells

    • 7:40 bell rings to inform staff and students we are opening doors for students eating breakfast

    • 8:00 bell rings to inform students in Gym they may report to classrooms

    • 8:10 bell rings to signal start of school day

    • 3:05 bell dismisses K, 3rd, 4th and all walkers

    • 3:10 bell dismisses 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th and bus riders

  • Buses

    • Bus 121 are 149 are reaching capacity and Mr. Barnett, Assistant Principal, is working with First Student to problem-solve student safety. Mr. Barnett is working closely with SMSD Transportation Director, Bruce Maples, to improve this experience for all students.

Chocolate Bar Fundraiser Update

  • We are off to a Star Start!

  • We have checked out 214 cases of chocolate which means Rising Star will earn as much as 6,400 at this point in the sale

  • 28 students have checked out 2 cases of chocolate which qualifies them for the GameKart video game truck!

  • All money collected must be turned in by December 1st

  • You are Shining Bright!

Rising Ahead:

  • Check out Star Social Media for timely pictures & school news (see links at bottom of Smore)

  • November 11th-December 1st, World Finest Chocolate Bar Fundraiser

    • Great stocking stuffers and holiday gifts, yummy!

  • November 23rd: Lenexa K9 Unit Assembly for all grades (Red Ribbon Week Culminating Experience)

  • November 25th-27th: , No School (Thanksgiving Break). NO Tutoring this Week!

  • December 1st: PTA Family Fun BINGO Night, Rising (6:00-8:30, Star Cafeteria)

  • December 1st: Choir Performance at Crown Center (5:45-6:45)

  • December 3rd: Holiday Choir Performance (7:00-8:00, Rising Star Gym)

  • December 4th: Lenexa Tree Lighting Choir Performance (6:00-7:00, Crown Center Shops)

  • December 10th: Family Engagement Night: Giving & Gaming (6:00-7:30, Rising Star)

As Always, Today is a Great Day to Shine Bright!

Three Claps,

Mrs. Hoit

Tutoring Update

There will not be tutoring, the week of Thanksgiving Break.

Monday, November 23rd, 2015 - NO TUTORING

Canned Food Drive Extended until Tuesday!

Hunger and Homelessness Week and Shawnee Mission Canned Food Drive

Rising Star Student Council November focus is Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. Rising Star will focus on what we are thankful for and how we can give back to our community. During this week, the students will work together to brain storm ideas of what we are thankful for during this time of thanks. Along with classroom discussions, we are participating in the Shawnee Mission Canned Food Drive. Students can bring their non-perishable food items to the Rising Star cafeteria. Please do not bring any glass containers or dented cans. STUCO representatives will be there to collect the canned foods and keep tallies for each class. The winning class that brings the most canned goods will win a popcorn party. The second place class will win an extra recess, and the third place class will have a PJ day!

Thanks for helping support Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week and the Shawnee Mission Canned Food Drive.

Didn't Make it to the Book Fair?

Need to do some Holiday Shopping? You still can! Our online book fair is active until 11/24. Just follow the link below to our online book fair. Rising Star will still benefit, and your books will be shipped free of charge to Rising Star. These books will go home with your student upon arrival. If you would prefer we hold the books in the office for you, just let us know via email at:

Thank you for your support!

Picture Retakes

If your student did not have an opportunity to have their picture taken, InterState Studios provides “In Office” Picture Retakes. Please call 816-833-4112 to schedule an appointment on one of the following dates: Tuesday, November 17, 2015, Tuesday, December 1, 2015 and Wednesday, December 2, 2015. They are located at 1012 NE Jib Ct., Suite B, Lee’s Summit, MO 64064.

From the Desk of Mrs. Osner

Third graders had a busy week performing “Grammar Rocks” musical for students, staff, and families. They did a fabulous job singing about the different parts of speech and had a blast while performing. They have also been busy learning about what happens to food after it is eaten, the branches of the government, folktales, and multiplications facts. They will definitely be ready for the break next week to spend time with family and relax!

Did you know?!

Rising Star earns money with gift card purchases.

Scrip gift cards are the same gift cards you can purchase from the retailer. With over 300 of the country’s biggest brands, including grocery and department stores, gas stations, restaurants, hotels and home improvement stores, Rising Star's Scrip Program has something to appeal to every family.

We order Gift Cards at a discount, and you pay face value for their gift cards. That difference is an instant rebate for our school, and your families don’t have to purchase anything they don’t need. You can but directly from our Scrip Coordinator Carolyn or go online:


1. Go to and click “create an account”

2. Complete the Family Registration

3. Enter Rising Star’s Enrollment Code: 4ALCABFA17561



Carolyn Raper-Hortua


From the Art Room

From the Art Room

Students in grades 4-6 are uploading work to their Artsonia online portfolios. In addition to taking photos of their work, students in grades 4-6 are creating artist statements for their projects.

Parents can stay connected to Artsonia by joining the Artsonia site.

Parents can customize t-shirts, mugs, aprons, and more through the Artsosnia gift shop with proceeds going to our very own Rising Star art program.

Holiday items are available. Deadline for Christmas delivery is December 14. For more information, go to the Artsonia gift shop website here:

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World's Finest Chocolate Star Fundraiser!

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to support our current fundraising effort, World's Finest Chocolate bars! You can check out boxes at any time up until Nov 30th, just send in a new signed permission slip and the $60 for the previous box (an envelope for this is provided in each box). After Thanksgiving Break, if you check out a box we will need payment for that box at the same time. We can not accept unsold chocolate bars - once they leave the school they are your child's responsibility, so please make sure you are willing to sell all 60 bars in each box before signing a new permission slip. There are extra permission slips in the office or you can print off the one attached to this newsletter. All money is due back to school by December 1st and no more boxes can be checked out after that date. In order to be eligible for prizes, all money must be turned in by then.

Thank you for your support!

FIT Update

Can you believe that those students participating in the FIT challenge (to walk to Rio de Janeiro by the end of the school year) have already walked 2,875 miles?!!! That's amazing! That gets us all the way to the country called Nicaragua!

Only 60 children have participated so far this year! Do you think we can double that number by the end of 2015? Every mile counts! Let's encourage every child to lead an active and healthy lifestyle!

Help us cheer on the most recent group of kids who have submitted mileage to Mr. Haskell!

Star Dads

Star Dads is a school based father involvement program that works to support education and safety. It includes Dads of Great Students which are fathers, grandfathers, step-fathers, uncles, and other father figures who volunteer at the child’s school each year.

Our goal at Rising Star is to provide an opportunity for Dads to volunteer to help support the team at Rising Star and learn more about what happens during their child’s day at school. Your day typically gets started before school by helping assist the 6th grade safety patrol with drop off. Once school starts, Dads get the opportunity to work with their child in the classroom. They attend specials like gym, art, music or even the library and then finish off the morning by having lunch with their student. After lunch, Dads can even go out on the playground during recess to help monitor it.

Research has shown that children whose fathers are highly involved in school activities perform at a much higher academic level than those whose fathers are not involved. Students benefit from seeing fathers involved at the school because it reinforces their father’s value of education.

We look forward to seeing you at Rising Star this year.

Are You a Member of the PTA?

Join PTA for just $7 per person or $12 for couples in the same household! And don't worry, by joining you are not committing to meetings and volunteering all the time. You are free to choose what you attend and volunteer for!

What does your $7 do? $3.50 goes tot he State PTA. The rest is used to help our kids! Last year our budget called for $8,000 for school field trips! We put on Family Fun nights and 2 class parties per year! And those are just a small amount of the awesome things our PTA does! So please join and help us continue to be able to fund these awesome items!

Forms are available in the office or email Ellen Sandelin

or Jen Hight