The Holocaust

One of the world's most tragic events in history.

The Holocaust

Starting from January 30, 1933 one of the world's most horrific events had started. The Holocaust, Adolf Hitler gained power and took over Germany. He had people build concentration camps and gas chambers. All so he could exterminate people. The Holocaust is the third most genocide event in history. Killing 11 million people with 1.1 million of that were children and 6 million were Jews and the others were people targeted by Hitler's army, the Nazi. Some people say Hitler blamed the Jews for the losing of World War I. Many historians believe the reasons behind his hatred prove that he was an insane and abnormal man who blamed Jews for all the evil in the world. Many people suffered and even lost their lives, and many were seperated from their families and friends.

Concentration/Labor Camps

A concentration camp is a place where people are detained or confined without trial. Prisoners were kept in extremely harsh conditions without and rights. In Nazi Germany after 1933, and across Nazi controlled Europe between 1938 and 1945, concentration camps became a major way in which the Nazis imposed their control. The first concentration camps in Germany were established soon after Hitler's appointment as chancellor in January 1933.

Gas Chambers

At the extermination camps with gas chambers all the prisoners arrived by train. Sometimes entire trainloads were sent to the gas chambers, but usually the camp doctor on duty subjected individuals to selections, where a small percentage were deemed fit to work in the slave labor camps. The majority were taken directly from the platforms to a reception area where all their clothes and other possessions were seized by the Nazi to help fund the war. Usually they were told these were showers and there were signs outside saying baths and sauna. They were sometimes given a small piece of soap and a towel so as to avoid panic, and were told to remember where they had put their belongings for the same reasons.

FAQ ( Frequently asked Question )

Q: Why did the Nazi murder Jews?

A: A central belief in the system by which they lived was that the Jews represented everything diametrically against them and, for this reason, had to be removed. Another theory is that the Nazi believed all the bad in the world was caused by the Jews.