My Student Life

How I grew as a student throughtout my first semester

What i did to grow in my first semester

Middle school keeps you busy, so I knew my study habits needed to be on point. My growth this semester was bad at first, but I realized that not being studious wasn't going to fly. I also think that doing your homework as soon as you get it is also a good idea, because you get a lot of homework throughout school hours.

School Involvement

Being involved in school is a very important job. Trying to be involved in school is something that people should do all the time, due to the fact that asking and answering questions can get you far in school, just listening will not always to fly, participation is an important part too. Participation is a serious part of it, because you just sitting there will not help you, trust me i learned the hard way.
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Some strategies to get me through the semester

Writing Skills

Writing is skill that you have to learn and know going on in your career. Your writing skills can get you into a good college, because they can tell by your writing that you have a good knowledge. Middle school and High school is when you start writing more often and when have to get used to writing essays in order for your writing skills to improve. I don't have a problem writing essays, my problem is revising and editing my work.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking is something that i have always been good at, due to the fact that i like to talk a lot. I would like to encourage people to learn how to do public speaking, only because it could take you far in life, I also believe that most people have to learn how to anyway in grade school. i really do recommend inheriting public speaking into your school life, especially when you are doing oral reports or improvising a presentation, because if you are a good public speaker, you will more than likely be good at improvising essays and oral reports.

Organization Skills

My organization skills have gotten much better due to AVID. Last school year my binder was all messed up, I did not put my dividers in my binder, I would just stuff things in my binder, and my rings did not even work so I just gave up on the fact that my papers were not going to stay. I think it was the fact that I knew we were getting grades on our binders so that kind of motivated me to keep my binder in check.
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Cornell Note-Taking

Cornell note-taking really helped with my studying process. Cornell notes are useful, due to the fact that taking regular notes will not make things stand out, in order for you to take Cornell notes you have to HD. to HD your notes does not mean to put highlighter all over you paper, that just defeats the purpose of HDing your notes.
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How I Will Grow Next Semester

I need to learn how to read and study more in order for my grades to be a little better than what they are now. I am really looking forward to what the next semester brings. I think that if the next semester is more challenging, that will motivate me to try my best and my hardest.

Osasu Uyi-ohonba

January 14, 2015

7th grade Coble student