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Wamsley Elementary School Newsletter - March 2021

Important Dates

March 9th - 100th Day of School Celebration

March 22nd to March 26th - Spring Break (no school)

April 6th 4:00pm - Virtual PTAC Meeting

From the Principal

Wamsley Families,

I hope this newsletter finds you and your family safe and healthy! Your kids had a great month in February and we enjoyed meeting with you during conferences!! Thank you for making time with us to hear about your amazing kids!

Well… we did it! By the time you get this newsletter we will be 9 days away from the 1 year anniversary of the COVID School Shutdown. Boy have we come a long way from a year ago and oh how things have been different! So many changes along the way and yet we are still here in person and celebrating everyday we get to spend together!

Next week we will be celebrating the 100th Day of School on Tuesday, March 9th. This celebration is extra special this year because of all we have been through this past year! Please look for flyers coming home with important information about how you can help your student be ready for this fun celebration.

Effort equals Achievement continues to be our focus here at school. Our Why Try lessons are having an impact and we are seeing your students apply their newly learned skills. We recently looked at data and your amazing kids are showing high growth in their math and reading performance on one of our in house assessments called iReady. As we grow, our achievement will begin to rise as well. We are proud of your student’s efforts. Please continue to watch the videos we share weekly so you can connect with what your children are learning. The lessons are on our weekly e-mail autodialer that comes out every Sunday night. Click on the links and you can start using the learning with your children at home.

Wamsley Zoo Update: The pets are doing well and we have some kids feeding and caring for the pets daily. Some pets are even being named by a few creative kids! We also recently began attempting to raise our own crickets so we have an endless food supply for our hungry pets. Lots of learning and researching is also happening as we learn to be responsible pet owners. As a part of Experiential Education or EE, our 3rd and 4th graders have researched the pets and created informational posters for all the pets!

As we begin March and covid restrictions are loosening in the county and state, I want to thank you all for continuing to monitor symptoms and keep your children home when needed. Remember keeping your children home if they have been exposed to covid or to someone who was exposed or if anyone in the family is being tested, will help keep our doors open for in person learning! Please keep your children home and call us if you have any questions about symptoms! “Better Safe Than Sorry” is our motto this year! I cannot thank you enough for your efforts! We are able to stay open and keep as many kids in person as possible with your support! Even with all of your efforts, I need to inform you that the Colorado Dept. of Public Health (CDPHE) has declared an outbreak of Covid-19 cases at Wamsley.

  • The definition of outbreak is

    • Two or more confirmed COVID-19 cases among students/teachers/staff from separate households with onset within 14 days in a single classroom or cohort.

    • Staff outbreak: Two or more teachers/staff with confirmed COVID-19 who are close contacts within the school setting with onset within 14 days

Once we hit this very low threshold we are required to report all COVID cases at Wamsley to the Colorado Department of Public Health for 28 days. Each time there is a new case of COVID with a student or staff member the 28 days starts over again.

Really all an outbreak means is that the case will be assigned an outbreak number with the state. Public health DOES NOT require us to change anything, or impose any extra restrictions. In fact, Colorado Dept of Public Health wants to make sure this is not punitive. They look at declaring an outbreak as, "OK! By tracking an outbreak we can make sure a new case is part of an outbreak and not a new concern." As a staff, we have reviewed our safety protocols to make sure they are being used with fidelity. Garfield County moved to blue on the COVID dial, we have vaccines in arms and we have started toward the herd immunity.

This past week, we hosted our monthly PTAC meeting and we again had live Spanish translation! Please tell your friends about this new option at PTAC and mark your calendars for our next meeting on Tuesday, April 6th! We have an amazing group of parents that support our efforts here and we always welcome anyone who would like to join us and help support your teachers and students. See you at 4pm on Tuesday, April 6, 2021! Call the office and we will share the meeting link with you. See you there!

Here’s to longer days and more signs of spring! Thank you for all your support!

From the Health Room...

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