Broad River Basin

Westren North Carolina and flowing into South Carolina

~~~~~~~~Quick Know About~~~~~~~~

Miles of Streams and Rivers: 1,513

Population: 342,282

Size: 1,513 Miles squared

Did You Know?

The basin is a habitat to 111 rare animals, some are the Bog Turtle, Cervice Salamander and the Indian bat. This animals are on the federal endangered and threatened list. This Beautiful land has also been recognized by Hollywood, on the big screen. In 1992 the movie Last of the Mohicans was filmed in one of the basins landmarks, Hickory Nut Falls. This just goes to show the magnificent land marks of the Broad River Basin. Other landmarks are; Big Bradley Falls, Broad River, and the Green River.

Environmental issues

One of the problems is habitat degradation. The storms runoff is concerns them about the water quality. The streams have stress on them because the runoff and constructions. There is success of private public and nonprofit partnerships are help preserving the basin. They are getting people everywhere to try to preserve and maintain public lands, streams, rivers, and lakes.