Costa Rica

by Mary Hadley

The Culture: Daily Life in Costa Rica

The people of Costa Rico are known for being friendly and peaceful. They are very proud of their country and practice eco-friendly living.

Due to the tropical location, the traditional meals for Costa Ricans include fresh fruits and vegetables. For example, the plantain, which is kin to the banana are served in several ways such as fried, baked, and cooked into soups.Most meals also include rice and black beans even for breakfast.

Costa Rica's Wildlife

Costa Rica's diverse landforms including rainforests lends to a variety of interesting wildlife species. This country has more different species of animals than any other country. One reason is that Costa Rica rose from the ocean and formed a land bridge between North and South America, and as species from both locations started to cross over and mix. When this happened, the number of species in Costa Rica doubled.

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