The Giver

By: Lois Lowry

Utopia or dystopia?

What do you think a utopia or a dystopia? Well, i think that this community is a dystopia. Why do i think that is because it does not have freedom and everything is the same. I would never want to live here. Some reasons that they think it is a utopia. They might think is a utopia because everyone is the same. They have the same thing everywhere and people might get bored. I guess it could be both in a way but it is more because they don’t have war and they don’t have sickness but it is still a dystopia.

Freedom or no freedom?

What do you think do they have freedom. Well, i think that they don't have freedom because they have so many restraints that they can't do what they want. I guess that they could have freedom because they get to have a life and people that care about them. It also could be both because they have a little freedom but t hey have not enough freedom.

Family or not family?

what do you think? They are not family. I think they are not family because they have birth mothers that don’t get to see the babies they gave birth too and they give them away to families and they only allowed to have 1 boy and 1 girl. I guess it could be family because we have religion so they could they are all related. It could be both because they have to live with each other but they are not related by blood.