2021 - 22 BCS School Year Guidance

August 12: Community transmission monitoring

BCS Families/Caregivers, Students & Staff:

I want to share an update with you regarding the start of the school year. I want to thank you for your patience as we continue working through this situation. A decision around the use of face coverings across the district is not an easy nor quick decision.

The Berkeley-Morgan County Board of Health (BMCBH) released their guidance for schools this week. Berkeley County Schools will follow the guidance outlined in their letter addressed to parents of students and school personnel of all public and private schools.

The BMCBH will determine if face coverings are required based upon community transmission. This decision, and associated face covering protocols, will be communicated to Berkeley County Schools and to our school community following the release of the information by the BMCBH on Fridays for the following weeks guidance.


Universal face coverings for students and staff will be REQUIRED when levels of Covid-19 community transmission reach levels designated as SUBSTANTIAL or HIGH.


Face covering will be HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for students and staff when the level of Covid-19 community transmission is LOW or MODERATE while indoors and in areas where social distancing is limited.


Please visit our website, www.berkeleycountyschools.org, and look for the icon pictured below to review important COVID-19 communication for the 2021 - 22 school year.

The first update from the BMCBH will be tomorrow, Friday, August 13th with face covering protocols going into effect for our schools/offices/buildings on Monday, August 16th. Berkeley County Schools will communicate the level of transmission and BCS will post to the News & Features section of our website. (See area circled in red below and located on the BCS website).

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Please be aware all students and employees must wear a face covering while boarding and riding any BCS bus and/or vehicle as required by federal guidelines.


We recognize and thank those who have shared their thoughts about the start of the school year with us. Our students need to be back in school, engaged in learning and in social environments that stimulate their minds and bodies. Collectively, I believe all of us working together with the same goals in mind will keep our students in school, healthy, and learning.

Thank you for being a part of those efforts. We look forward to welcoming our students and staff back and reconnecting in an educational space that fosters learning, and social/emotional well-being for all.

Stay safe and be well.

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Patrick K. Murphy, Superintendent of Schools

This message has the most current information as of August 12, 2021 at 9:00 a.m.

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