A tropical environment with warm temperatures year round!

Landforms and Climate

Mexico consists of a huge central plateau, otherwise known as The Mexican Plateau. Some parts of Mexico are desert like, you see this mostly along the West Coast. Mexico is tropical to subtropical in terms of climate, which can vary greatly depending on altitude. Coastal parts of Mexico receive plentiful rainfall, about 39-118 inches annually. No matter what México's highest mountain peaks always have a blanket of snow covering them.


México's population is approximately 108 million people. The largest Spanish peaking country in the world. Most indigenous groups in Mexico lack opportunities and live in severe poverty, which is something to be prepared for. Majority of México's population is Roman Catholic. Here their religion is centered upon the devotion to the Virgin Mary. Religion is very important to them.

Food and Holidays

Mexican cuisine is one of many types that are the most distinctive in the world. Corn was and still remains the basis for many dishes today. Tortillas are served with almost all of the meals. Major holidays and celebrations include Day Of the Dead, which begins on October 31st. Food and toys are left on days one at clay made altars in the home for the children who have died. On the second day, which is called Saints Day there are spicy meals that are prepared for the older deceased loved one. The people believe that the dead will return on the final day to be with their loves ones. Another big celebration is the Fesival of Santa Cecilia, this celebration honors Saint Cecilia the saint of music. Musicians play in town and are later honored with concerts, parades, and even musical tributes. The people believe that the spirit of Cecelia roams Mexico during this special day and touches the hearts of all of the musicians throughout the day.

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Compatibility to the US

I gave this country a C+ because Mexico is very similar and yet very different from the US. They are alike in some ways, for example religion is pretty similar. Catholicism is a popular religion in both Mexico and the US. Food is also similar in some way. The US has adopted some of the Mexican cuisine and it is pretty popular. But Mexico also differs from the US because of things like language and climate, Mexico's climate is very warm year round unlike the US. And the official language is Spanish.