Lead Teacher Meeting

November/ December Notes and Reminders

Professional Development Updates and Follow-up Steps

  • How have you shared the PD website with all teachers? We are beginning to see increased numbers of attendees for the CES learning sessions, and collaborative planning. Please continue sharing the website at CFIP/PLC meetings at least once per month. Also, remember all lead teachers are welcome to attend the paid professional learning sessions on Wednesdays at the CES.
  • Our focus for Wednesday sessions in January is technology integration in classrooms and February is working with under-resourced learners. Click here for more information.
  • Continue to view and review the modules to help teachers locate and use these resources to become better users of technological devices.
  • Please continue to share the resources that are available from Stride, School City and Apex to increase a personalized learning environment for teachers and students.
  • The digital learning plan is being discussed with board members, teachers, principals and students. The agenda for the board meeting on Tuesday includes further discussion at 3:00 P.M. We will keep you updated with any information.

School Visits

We have really enjoyed being with you and watching how you impact teachers and students everyday! Our top 5 list of the most effective practices that we have seen are:

  • Thoughtful Essential Questions and Enduring Understandings posted in teacher classrooms.
  • Lead teachers identifying the strengths of other teachers in the building and using those teachers to advance teaching practices through collaboration, classroom visits and peer coaching.
  • Evidence-based CFIP or PLC meetings that use multiple measures to analyze student work and cause teachers to reflect on better teaching and learning. This has also created an engaging CFIP/PLC where teachers take an active role in their learning.
  • Lead teachers who have created an atmosphere of coaching which is evidenced by the amount of time that lead teachers spend in classrooms supporting and coaching other teachers.

New Teacher Induction Program Updates

  • How are you doing in your support of new teachers? Remember you are such a gift to new teachers and they are truly dependent on you for resources, guidance, and reflective thinking. Keep your support logs up-to-date and your conversations ongoing.
  • Many new teachers have opted to earn MSDE credits for New Teacher Induction. Videotaping and visiting a host teacher are requirements to earn credits. Please continue to visit the New Teacher Induction Website for resources to support your new teachers.
  • All new teachers are invited to a special workshop in January on Diffusing Student Behavior on January 7, 2016 . This workshop is taught by Connie Hartman and new teachers have benefited greatly from this workshop. Please encourage any 1st, 2nd or 3rd year teacher who is struggling with diffusing student behavior to attend. Click here for more details.
  • A New Teacher Induction Survey will be sent to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year teachers to evaluate NTI and the support that is being provided by both mentors and lead teachers. A copy of the survey will be shared with you at the Lead Teacher Meeting in January and the results in March.